12 Twitter Sharing Strategies

Contrary to popular belief, no one cares what you’re doing. Ok that’s a bit harsh but seriously, stop Tweeting about yourself. The secret to Twitter is no secret at all, talk to others, that’s it.

Talk to someone, reply, retweet, engage, ask someone a question, disagree with someone, do something!  Just don’t keep Tweeting about what you are doing and start showing interest in what everyone else is doing.



1. Find a video a day on Ted.com and Tweet it with your thoughts about the video.

2. Find articles in your area of interest and Tweet why others should read them.

3. Find the funniest video on Youtube everyday and Tweet about it.

4. Try to learn something new everyday and Tweet about what you learned.

5. Find an article you disagree with and Tweet about why you do.

6. Tweet the best article you find on a given topic, everyday (Hint: Use Stumble Upon).

7. Find a specific article that will help a friend or a colleague out.  Tweet them.

8. Find a local business online that you love and Tweet about it.

9. Start a list of your favorite local Tweeters, RT one of their Tweets every day.

10. Find a tweet you disagree with, tell me why.

11. If you work in an office have a “Tweet of the day” contest where everyone contributes till you decide a “Tweet of the day” that gets Tweeted by your company’s Twitter account.

12. Find a funny sign or picture and start a weekly “Funniest  Twitpic of the Week Award”.

Have your own sharing strategy?  Do tell us in the comments below

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  1. Great article Jeff, gives us all some valuable insight on how we can be less selfish with our tweets thus making them of greater value to a wider audience.

  2. Unbelievable article Jeph. I read this post when you first put it on twitter months ago. It completely changed the direction of my Twitter presence. Before this article I saw Twitter as “Just Facebook Status Updates” and would tweet about how fat my cat is.
    This quote was tough to swallow but really educated me “Contrary to popular belief, no one cares what you’re doing.” – Love it.

    Great job Jeph,


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