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Yet another example of why I use Twitter and not news sites such as the Leaderpost and CBC (though I do follow @Leaderpost & @CBCSask).  On April 29th  1:18 pm the D.C. Sports Bog, of the Washington Post published this article on Saskatchewan’s Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitols.  Just forty eight minutes after the story was posted I found it on Twitter and Tweeted this, which was retweeted several times as well as a few comments on the story.

A heart warming story of a professional athlete’s humility and a Saskatchewan boy to boot!  You’d think the local news sites would be all over this but it doesn’t seem as though they are. And people still ask me why I’m on Twitter.

You can always re-take a class…

When I finish my degree the incoming URBSS asked me to speak to them about what to expect being on the society.  I didn’t know exactly what I was going to say when I agreed to it, but the final message I gave has stuck with me and I feel myself repeating it more and more to students.  That message?

You can always retake a class but you can never retake a party.

You’re probably thinking I was a party animal, who went to EVERY party Derek Wu hosted, that didn’t care about his grades and just had fun.  You’re right, but there is something peculiar about people who have a lot of fun.  They meet people, the interact a lot more, they learn how to talk to people, no, they learn how to engage people.  There’s no class that teaches how to communicate with other people, that one your left to learn on your own.

In twenty years time you’re not going to recall how AMAZING a particular study session was but you may, just maybe, look at some old Facebook pictures and chuckle to yourself about how much fun you had.

Yes life does have a destination but it’s the journey that makes it all worth it.

Sometimes nothing is the best thing to do.

A good friend of mine, Ray August Derges entered us into a business competition in our final year of University.  Biz Wiz was the game; it was $5 each to play and every day for a week you had to make decisions regarding the business.  We had participated in one Biz Wiz before so this time we thought we’d beat the system by being smarter with our decisions.  How did we go about being smarter with our decisions?   We didn’t make any, we did nothing.  Not once did we login and make the decisions we were supposed to.

The result?

We finished 4th overall.  Not bad for a $10 investment and no personal time whatsoever.

By this point you’re probably thinking we weren’t smart at all about Biz Wiz and we just wasted our $10.

WRONG, and you’ve got some nerve buddy.

The winning team spent close to an hour a day discussing which decisions to make.  Even the other teams that did worse than us still spent upwards of half an hour each day deliberating over what to do with their hypothetical company.  We weren’t having any of that.

At the absolute minimum of ten minutes per day (the time it would take logging in and making our selections) we saved atleast fifty minutes each, of our lives to do something else.

You’re right, we could have put in the effort and tried harder and attempted to crack the top three, but would have it paid off?  If we put in the effort we also could have made the wrong decisions and made ourselves worse off.  To move three spots we would have had to invest, at the bare minimum of two hours each of our own personal time and still risk being worse off.

If you can’t see a cut and dry reason to put in the effort, sometimes doing nothing at all is the best thing to do.  At least you’ll have more time to do something that actually matters to you.

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Sometimes you just have to wear white shoes

When I was in my third year of University I got an accounting job at Mosaic Potash. I liked it, had a lot of fun, which you wouldn’t think you could (apologies to the accounting profession) but plain and simple, accounting was not exciting to me, so I made my own fun (I’ll save the stories for another post).

You couldn’t be that creative in the accounting department so being the kind of guy who likes to standout I would occasionally wear white shoes with a matching white belt, it looked good.  A few months after stepping outside the fashion bubble to discover my new found love for various different colored shoes I found something quite odd.

People remembered me.

Yes I was the loud kid but there were other loud people too, one employee from out of town actually began calling me “billy white shoes”.  I had created a semantic marker in people’s minds that tied a visual characteristic to a face and a name.  Now I don’t claim to be a personal branding expert but I knew I was on to something.

Moral of the story:  If you want people to remember you, you must do something a little different.  You can’t stick with the status quo, you have to shake it up a bit.  Throughout your career you will have many opportunities to leave an impression on people, sometimes it’s extremely difficult to standout in the crowd, but sometimes all you have to do is wear white shoes.

Speed Networking for Young Professionals

Much like speed dating, the sensation of 2008, speed networking will give you the tools to hop out of that comfort zone and start meeting people faster than ever before.  Think you cant’ do it?  Well with that attitude you won’t.

Lets experiment if you will, 30 of us meet up one night, hopefully we’re all on Twitter so we can connect afterwords.  The goal?  To create mutually beneficial relationships with people we can assist in there work or life.  How does this occur?  Well you have to meet them of course, talk to them, find out what gets them going in the morning.  What is their passion?  Ever met someone who has the same mindset?  Have you ever wanted to?

Once you graduate University there are not a lot of events that bring people together, I have not heard of anything like this in the city, maybe it’s about time we started?

I think it would be fun, when great minds get together strange things happen.  So would you come?  What’s the worst that could happen?  You miss Dancing with the Stars one night?

Dog Runners

What if the people who run on a consistent schedule met up with the people who have a dog that doesn’t get exercised enough? What if it was worth it to the dog owner to pay the runner $5 to run the dog?  Finally, an inexpensive way for busy people to be able to exercise their dog?  As well, finally an incentive to run three times a week at $5 per run.

I’m not sure if someone has come up with this idea yet but if there were a place online where both of these groups of people met, something could be worked out.

Examples like this one, where all three parties (dog owner, runner, dog) involved benefit from the outcome, should be more prevalent in society.  The internet does a lot of things but connecting people and allowing them to collaborate will continue to be a major benefit to society.

I’d run a dog for $5.