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Different Dog, Same ol’ Bark


“You can be traditional in a non-traditional medium and as well, you can be non-traditional in a traditional medium.”

I heard this for the first time on the Six Pixels of Separation podcast.   Joseph Jaffe said it to Mitch Joel talking about what is currently taking place across all mediums.  I think that statement is very applicable for areas such as Saskatchewan, that have a much slower adoption rate for online technology and media.  Let me explain.

In Saskatchewan companies need to focus on bridging the gap between traditional and new media.  It would be ignorant not to be exploring what you could be doing online as well, to spend your entire budget on internet marketing.  If you can figure out how to be non-traditional in a traditional medium you already have a head start on the competition.  So how could you go about doing this?  Simple.

Begin by knowing that your customers have the most marketing influence in the World, give them the tools to spread your message.  Put your web-site on all printed material, if you’re on Twitter put your username on your business cards and e-mail signature.  Start producing content that your followers would want to
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20 commercials that went viral


1.  Volkswagen - The Fun Theory – Finally a car commercial that isn’t like every other car commercial

2.  Domino’s – The Pizza Turnaround – a longer video but worth a watch, tells a great story about how Domino’s is changing their pizza

3.  Aides – Graffiti – a different way to go about Aides awareness

4.  Coca-Cola – Happiness Machine – this theme is growing and it’s obvious why, making people happy and filming it works

5.  Bud Light – Clothing Drive – even online the beer companies can usually come up with very entertaining material and this one is no exception

6.  Burton – Shaun White Double McTwist – sports theme and an amazing feat

7.  Pedigree – Dogs – some amazing camera work

8.  Tropicana – Arctic Sun – great story

9.  Heineken – Men With Talent – again, the agency’s on beer commercials do a great job

10.  Nike – The Secret Behind Nike Air – must watch for any Nike lover out there, you’ll actually laugh out loud

11.  TomTom – Behind the Scenes of Darth Vader’s Voice Recording – the best part about this one is that you can actually get a TomTom
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The Bonnie Raitt Philosophy of Marketing


“Let’s give them something to talk about”

If you go about your marketing efforts keeping this philosophy in mind you can’t go wrong.  Let me explain.

If your target audience sees your billboard and it doesn’t strike them with any emotion, you’ve lost.  If someone hears your latest radio campaign and it doesn’t standout in their mind, again, you lose.  If your marketing campaign can’t give someone something to talk about, what are you doing?  Just making noise, that is all, and we are extremely good at ignoring advertising noise.

Get creative, be provocative, evoke emotion, pick a fight, disagree, challenge a norm, standup for something, show your passion, give me something to talk about.


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What is strategy?


“Management plan or method for completing objectives; plan of procedures to be implemented, to do something.” –

“Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.” – Wikipedia

“A mental tapestry of changing intentions for harmonizing and focusing our efforts as a basis for realizing some aim or purpose in an unfolding and often unforeseen world of many bewildering events and many contending interests.” – John Boyd’s

“Strategy is about knowing where your company is today, where you want to take it, and how you are going to get there.” -Peter Drucker

However you define it, all strategy really means is focusing on a certain objective and determining how to achieve it.  Have you ever brainstormed ways of revamping your company or product to ensure a more competitive stance in your market?  Have you ever wondered what may happen if there is a large shift in your industry?

Too many industries are facing large changes in how business is conducted with the majority of organizations ignoring it.  What used to be safe is now risky.  If you’re not exploring where you industry is headed, where your competitors are expanding to and what your customers
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Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Misses the boat…again?


In March of 2010 this was posted to the Nudge blog, explaining why social norms are a proven method to curb binge drinking among teens.  The post features an advertisement from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health attempting to use guilt and shame to convince teens not to drink.  The other example is from the National Institute of Social Norms campaign at Georgetown University.  From this case study you can read about it’s effectiveness.

The same day of the Nudge blog post, Advertising Age published this article on a study done at Northwestern University.  Using guilt or shame can actually influence the intended audience to take part in more of that behavior, says Kellogg marketing professor Nidhi Agrawal;  ”People who are already feeling guilt or shame resort to something called “defensive processing” when confronted with more of either, and tend to disassociate themselves with whatever they are being shown in order to lessen those emotions.”

It didn’t bother me much knowing that the Ministry of Health did that one set of ads, but to my astonishment they are producing more and now short videos too?  The new campaign is titled: “What else got wasted?” Well it appears your marketing budget
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56 uses of social media in Saskatchewan

  1. Instead of “news” build your own RSS reader
  2. Begin following local bloggers in your RSS reader and keep searching for new ones
  3. Challenge a local blogger, disagree, leave a comment
  4. Offer to write a guest post for a local blogger
  5. Offer to write a guest post for an industry specific blog
  6. Hold a local specific contest (Treasure hunt via Facebook?)
  7. Start a local restaurant review site, make it fun
  8. Ask for feedback of your product/service via Twitter
  9. Offer to take pictures at an event and start a Flickr account for them
  10. Host a picture contest
  11. Host a picture caption contest for other businesses
  12. Encourage patrons to take a picture of their meal and share it online for 25% off the meal
  13. Tell stories about your product on a blog
  14. Host a community blog with many different contributers
  15. Start selling your product on Facebook
  16. Encourage employees to offer reviews of the company via LinkedIn
  17. Start a local trivia blog (written, video, picture)
  18. Offer free products/services to people with lots of friends on Facebook
  19. Put your website on all printed material
  20. Put your Twitter name in places where no one would expect to see it (get creative with this one)
  21. Put

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