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The Best Present You Can Give

A Tweet by Troy Heibein inspired me to think long and hard about what to get my Father for his birthday.  My Father (like most of our parents) has everything he needs, and pretty much anything he wants.  So what do you get someone who already has everything they need?


I know I could give him time in some capacity and to him that would be worth much more than anything I could purchase.  My present?  I told him he could put a list together of all the music albums he ever wanted and I’d download the list to my laptop and transfer it to his iTunes and iPod.

It didn’t seem like much at first but I don’t visit my parents as nearly as much as I should and I got to chat music and the origins of some of the artists with my Dad.  The list ended up being a full loose leaf page so obviously my Father had a few albums he wanted.  I am happy to report back that he is quite satisfied with all the new tunes on his iPod.

For those who have much, your time is a very precious gift to them, you can never store, keep, or recreate time, it’s one of our most valuable resources and the best present you can give.

The ‘I Love Regina’ Badge

The City of Regina should get a badge made on Foursquare that once you check in 3 times you get something.  Actually I think all tourism destination should begin to offer something to people who check-in from abroad (hint, hint: It’s really simple to add features and specials to venues on Foursquare).

Yes Foursquare is not big here but the people visiting from all over North America have a much better chance of checking in to your location.  Think about it from a tourism perspective.

Anyone checking into three different places on Foursquare in Regina receives the ‘I Love Regina’ badge.  With it you get discounts on meals, half price at the RSO and $20 in free chips at the Casino (as an example).

Would you use Foursquare if you could get deals on products?

Photo Credit: Dennis Crowley

Bridging the Media Gap Award

Bridging the gap between traditional and online media award

This week’s winner is: Dominos Pizza

A Domino’s Pizza commercial advertising their “Show us Your” campaign on Television is a great way to get influence people to get involved with a brand online.  What not a better way to build trust in your product by challenging people to buy it and take a picture of how great it looks.  Offer prize money for the best pictures and you have a recipe for this weeks bridging the gap award.

Congratulations Dominos, what a neat idea for a promotion!

Have a great example of a company bridging the gap between online and traditional media?  Send it my way!  You may have next weeks winner…

The Art & Science of Being Online Presentation

The ‘Art & Science of Being Online’ is a presentation about online marketing and why social media is becoming such an effective tool within a marketing strategy.  Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

  • A brief history of media in marketing to understand where the industry has come from
  • The main points of an online strategy and where to focus resources
  • For each point, a few enlightening stories (cases) are offered to understand the why behind some of the best online brands, locally and internationally
  • Cheez Whiz has it and you should to, personality, and why every company should stand for something online
  • What to do now?  Some take-a-ways to talk about in your next marketing meeting

The presentation usually lasts 30-45 minutes and covers a lot of ground so prepare to think and learn, but as much as Jeff tries to be serious in getting his points across he shows the lighter side of online marketing.  Both entertaining and thought provoking, surely ‘The Art & Science of Being Online’ will not disappoint.

To book Jeff to speak either call 306-535-9697 or e-mail  Fees are negotiable and depend on the organization and availability.

The Most Underrated Day in School

If you didn’t have a “hotdog day” in elementary school I feel terrible for you.  For those of you who were privileged enough to have one, let’s reminisce for a moment for the most underrated day in school known to children.

Hotdog Day

The hotdogs were overpriced and weren’t anywhere near Juicy Jumbo quality, but every hotdog day I’d do whatever I could to get my Mother to order me as many hotdogs as a family of six could afford, sure I was a fatty but there was something about hotdog day that was fascinating.

There are three lessons to be learned from Elementary school hotdog days and I think these lessons may be applicable in a variety of instances.  I digress.


Hotdog day only happens a couple times of the year making it seem like a very special event.  If you had hotdog day everyday you would hate hotdogs, wouldn’t you?


You get to pick how many hotdogs you want, what to drink, “Oh you’d like a snack on the side?”  Yeah, you can pick that too.  Everything about filling out the personalized form for hotdog day was right, the only bad part is you wanted the hotdogs right then and there!  Not in two weeks.

The experience

Everything around the social side of hotdog day (for me) was amazing.  Seeing what everyone else ate, your skinny friends eating less then half of what your Mom let you get, everyone eating in the gym together, it was an elementary party.

Instead of offering an average product why not make it available less often, more customizable or make the experience more rememberable.  After all, a hotdog is just a hotdog on any other day.  It’s the experience that makes it special.