What I am Working on Right Now

I am working on a project with the University of Regina Students’ Union for the referendum on continued membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.  I am the chair of the ‘No Vote’.  For this post not to have a complaint filed against it, I have to post material that has been approved by the Referendum Oversight Committee (ROC) or risk having it ordered to be taken down or face consequences:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS):

How much do we pay?
Collectively the UofR pays $89,000 per year or $11 per full time student and $5.50 per part time student to make up the combined national and provincial membership fee to the CFS.

What does CFS do for U of R students?
If you go to their website over the past ten years they have 544 press releases, four are about Saskatchewan and two are about the U of R.

What does the CFS do Federally?
They will tell you that they lobby government and fight for students but the reality is that post-secondary education is administered at a provincial level. Whatever the CFS lobby’s for will affect the UofR the same regardless if we are paying into CFS or not.

What does the CFS do provincially?
Since 2007 the CFS has not hired a provincial organizer for Saskatchewan.

Why is it so hard to leave the CFS?
When multiple schools circulated petitions to hold a vote on continued membership changes were introduced to increase the number of signatures required on a petition from 10% to 20%, every 3 months only two schools are permitted to hold a referendum, and a member school is only permitted to hold a referendum once every five years.

Are any other schools voting on continued membership?
In the past two years, 12 others Schools from across Canada submitted petitions to request a vote on continued membership.

Why are we paying if the UofS isn’t?
The University of Saskatchewan Students Union (representing the largest body of students in Saskatchewan) do not consider themselves members.

Who are some of those people on campus that are promoting the CFS?
The CFS flies people in from all over Canada to campaign on their behalf.  Obviously this costs an absurd amount, but the bylaws of the referendum state that they do not need to disclose what they spend campaigning.

You Can Listen to Others or…

If you attempt to grow the best mustache in the World you would expect a number of people to tell you to shave it off.

You can listen to others or…

If you attempt to do something different in your life (job/school/lifestyle) you would expect a number of people are going to tell you to stop.

The best part is nothing extraordinary was ever accomplished by listening to others and doing the norm.

Grow that mustache, don’t listen to others.

Want a Coffee?

I have a few questions I want to ask you about your organization’s marketing efforts.

Here’s how the conversation will likely pan out…

Me: May I buy you a coffee?

You: Sure! When?

Me: Great! I’m looking forward to it, how’s next week?

You: Early next week sounds perfect, is that a real mustache?

Me: Monday afternoon is free, why yes, yes it is!

You: It makes you look very distinguished, see you Monday!

Simple isn’t it?  Lets chat marketing, c’mon it’ll be fun.  You can ask any questions at all you might have about online marketing and here’s the best part.  If you don’t like me, the questions, my opinion, the coffee, anything, you can leave.  No gimmicky sales techniques I promise, I just want to help you with your marketing.


The Second Bridging the Media Gap Award

Unexpectedtv.comThe ‘Bridging the Media Gap’ award goes to organizations that are utilizing online media in conjunction with their traditional media campaigns.

Our first winner was Domino’s Pizza with the “Show Us Your Pizza.com” television commercial.

The Second Bridging the Gap Media Award goes to:

Unexpected TV.com for a billboard advertisement in Regina that is just a URL and a picture.  Normally I still wouldn’t look up a site that I saw on a billboard, but a banner ad on a local site displayed the same picture.  It was fate, I had to see what Unexpected TV.com was.

It’s a Travel Manitoba initiative featuring and assortment of videos on places in Manitoba you rarely get to see, and I think it’s smart.  It allows the viewer to see a completely different side of Manitoba, focusing on the extraordinary vacationing destination.  I even took it a step further to see how easy it would be to book a vacation in one of these exotics Manitoba getaways featured in the videos on the site (I didn’t actually book one) but the process to do so was quite simple.

Congratulations Travel Manitoba, you look good!

Love Marketing, Hate Bad Marketing

The more I talk to people about online media the more questions arise on how companies are using the internet for marketing means.  Over the past year I have put together an entertaining and informative presentation on the Art & Science of Being Online.

Is your organization ready to fundamentally shift how you perceive marketing?  Because I’m ready to take you on this fascinating journey.  I bet you’ll learn something and chuckle once or twice along the way.

The presentation usually* covers:

  • A brief of history of media (understanding why it is changing)
  • Statistics on where the internet is today
  • A few take-a-way’s that will make you a better online communicator
  • Then stories (cases) about how local and international companies are using online media as a means of marketing and communication.

I say usually covers because I change the presentation up a bit each time to ensure it’s relevancy.

I love marketing but hate bad marketing.  I am very passionate about this industry and I want to ensure that you, as a marketer, are well informed.  I am very open and honest about marketing so expect me to be blunt and tell it like it is.

If you have any questions about the presentation fire away:  JephMaystruck@gmail.com or 306-535-9697