Slamming Links Down My Throat

Permission Marketing BookI would log into Facebook to have this guy send me links to work he has done.  I’m not trying to be a jerk but, I don’t want to see his work, does he actually think I have time to look at what he’s been doing? As Michelle from Full House would say, “HOW RUDE!”.  I would never throw a link to my blog to a friend via Facebook chat, WTF?

Has our world got to the point where we are allowed to shove anything down anyone’s throat expecting them to like it?  Not a chance in hell.  When someone “tells” me to look at something I purposely look in the opposite direction.
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Simplify Your Communications

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, what you’ve accomplished, how many degrees you have, or who you’ve worked with. If you can’t get your idea across to me in a few sentences or less you’ve lost me.
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% off or $ amount off, which is better?

Which is better?  20% off or $15 off.  I’ve heard arguments for both but is it better to give a percentage off or a dollar amount off, please let me know in the comments below (if you comment you’ll get a tweet from me and if it is good enough a prize!) Read more

The Coolest Video You Have Ever Watched

You have to watch this video…careful now, they do use some colorful language, earmuffs for the kids.

At the end of the video you are given a choice and taken to this video, from there a very cool thing happens…

Type in whatever you want and a video will play according to your request.  Go on try it.  What a cool way to get people to interact with your video.

Case Study: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

What is it?

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort Facebook Page

How did I find it?

A couple friends and I are going snow-boarding this coming weekend and I wanted to see what people were saying about Revelstoke on Facebook.

Why is it important?

After reading posts on the wall like:


It’s hard NOT to go to Revelstoke.  I think this is the absolute definition of why Facebook can be so valuable if used correctly.  Relevant, authentic user generated content.

This is why online media is a better marketing tool than anything ever before it.  It’s authentic word of mouth on a platform available to almost the entire world.  I don’t want a billboard, a commercial or my mail telling me to go to your resort I want actual people that went to your mountain to share a video of their experience.

Do you think most companies can do this in some capacity on Facebook or another platform?

Tourism Saskatchewan Presentation

Find your audience.

Have a plan.

Set goals.

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