Stats You Didn’t Know About The Marketing Industry

From the Ad Age Annual 2011 report from the Ad Age DataCenter

In January of 2009 Ad Agency revenue experienced it’s sharpest decline since Ad Age starting recording agency revenue in 1944.

In 2010 the Internet overtook Newspapers as the number two ad medium behind television.

US Ad agency’s bottomed out at a 16 year low for employment in January of 2009, in 2010 agency’s added 9,200 jobs.

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The Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan

This is a list of my favorite local people and businesses on Twitter.  Most are from Regina but there are a few gems from Saskatoon and else where.

For the people I know on Twitter, I put a note beside their name as to what they are about or why you should follow them. I hope this list proves to be helpful the next time one of your friends thinks no one locally is Tweetin’.

If I’ve some how missed you on the list throw your name in the comments or Tweet me, @JephMaystruck

I believe the best part about Twitter is the local scene, so to all my followers thanks for such an inspiring ride.

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Marketing Respect

Mike Klein, a Sr. Marketing Strategist from Saskatoon wrote this delightful blog for me.  Enjoy!  Follow this walking think tank here, he’s brilliant.

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A Must Read Book For Online Marketers

Web Analytics 2.0 is nothing short of the best book on online measurement to date.  Written by Avinash Kaushik who was the former Google analytics evangelist and all around measurement hercules of some sort.

This book is chalk full of lessons, take-a-ways, cases, actionable steps and includes more insight than Celine Dion at a singing convention.  Literally, within a couple chapters into Web Analytics 2.0 you will change the way you are measuring your online presence. Read more

Holding a Contest on Facebook? Beware…

Coming as a surprise to most people (including myself), it is in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service to hold a contest on Facebook.  Now you can still hold a contest or promotion but must be contained within it’s own app, and entries can only be accepted via the canvas page of the app or an application box on a tab on the Facebook page.

Another violation of the Facebook TOS is asking people to post to the page’s Wall, upload photos or change their status update for entrance into a contest.  As well, a promotion can’t require entrants to post a comment to a Wall item, since that would artificially increase the item’s importance and effectively lead to it spamming users’ News Feeds. Read more