How Do You Buy?

The more you knowLet’s do a little thought experiment here.  Think about when you want to purchase a big ticket item or hire an important service in your life.  How does it happen?  You realize you need insurance, an investment advisor, planning your next holiday, a new car. Will you decide to purchase  any of these items without looking them up on Google or somewhere on the internet?  If your answer is yes, I think you loosing out on some valuable information. Read more

Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts

How to set up Google alertsI realize this probably should have been one of my first posts ever but hey, no ones perfect right?  Well, except for Tom Sellek.

Google Alerts are a way of monitoring the web for mentions of your company, brand, organization, competitors, boss’s name, competitor’s bosses name, and pretty much any other search term under the sun you can think of.  Whatever you want to monitor, Google will send you an e-mail every time a Google bot (what crawls web pages for Google) finds the word or phrase you set up for an alert.  Read more

Marketing Begins With a Remarkable Product

Naked & Famous Denim LogoIf you want someone to buy your mediocre product go talk to Wal-Mart. If you have a remarkable product people will talk about it for you.

I found this video on Coda Clothing’s Facebook page, a week after I purchased Naked and Famous Jeans from Coda.  Not only are they a great pair of jeans the story behind the company is amazing. Read more

How To Set Up Your RSS Reader

Setting up your personal RSS reader will make you smarter.  Consuming content you want in an easily accessible and readable manner is invaluable to your growth in the information economy.

Go to  Click the register button, or login with Facebook. Read more

Harry Carry Talking Twitter

Harry Carry Talking Twitter is filmed in front of a live studio audience: Read more

Why Politics Suck

Politics in Saskatchewan suck right now.  Telling me how bad the other party is doing is not a good strategy to gain my trust in your party, let alone vote for you.  If anything it pisses me off enough to purposely vote against you.

Why does your party’s marketing suck?

As soon as we find out what political party you are affiliated with we don’t trust you because of course you’re going to have a biased opinion.  You’re getting nowhere trying to tell me how bad the Government is and sorry “Save Our Saskatchewan Crowns”?  How about save union dues by not using the money on scare campaigns that have no validity.  Grow up and start marketing smarter. Read more