Your Hedgehog Strategy

Good to GreatIn Jim Collins’ Best Seller Good to Great a pivotal point in the book is the Hedgehog concept.  It makes you think about strategy differently.  It focuses your efforts to where they absolutely need to be focused.   I hope you find it as valuable as I do.

Video: The Hedge Hog Concept Read more

I Would Do Anything For Likes, But I Won’t Do That

Facebook button You Like ThisBusinesses treat Facebook wrong.

No one starts a Fan Page and instantly has thousands of likes and people commenting on the wall regularly.  Facebook takes time, a lot of effort and you better have a plan.  99.999999% don’t go on Facebook to find a brand, company or product.  Even if I do find your brand and you some how enchant me into “Liking” your page I’m probably not coming back anytime soon.

Think of Facebook as a platform to communicate on, not a marketing strategy Read more

Blogs For Nothing & Tweets For Free

Social Media bandwagonJust because you’ve read some tool is “ubiquitous” doesn’t mean it’s a smart option for your company.

Just because “everyone’s on there” doesn’t always mean you need to be.

Just because something is technically “free” to use doesn’t mean you’ll have the time to use it effectively.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Read more

Guest Post: Sales 101

Don "The Goods" ReadyThis is a guest post from a fellow named Dan Bowman (@dan_bowman).  He is the the Business Development Manager at Acklands-Grainger and an all around great guy with an interesting mind on sales.  I asked four questions here are his answers… Read more

8 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Increase your rankings in search engines1.  The most important goal for search engine optimization is to get prominent websites to link to your website.  The more links, the more important your site, and up you climb the Google search results page.

2.  Semantic URL’s – Whatever the page is about, have those keywords in the URL.  Example:  The page on our website that talks about “Podcast” looks like this: Read more

You Don’t Have To…

Life QuestionYou don’t have to.

You don’t have to start that project you’ve been thinking about for the past few months.

You don’t have to start reading that book you bought last year (or your friend lent to you two months ago!).

You don’t have to ask for feedback on that last project because you know they weren’t happy with it.

You don’t have to make that phone call, just tell your boss they didn’t answer, she’ll never know. Read more