The New Definition of ‘Strategy’

Strategic Planning

“The essential source of value right now is coming less from master strategy than from broad experimentation, because no one has a complete grasp, or even a very good one, about what the next great idea will look like.”  -Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus

Strategy is no longer a document, or a recommendation.  The “all inclusive strategic plan” is irrelevant in the new business world.  What you need to focus on is small bets, ideas and experiments, measured meticulously over a predetermined amount of time.  Find what works and improve upon it. Read more

What’s Your Purple Cow?

Seth Godin's Purple CowThe concept of the Purple Cow was introduced by Seth Godin in his groundbreaking book by the same title.  Recently I read it again because it is full of ideas and case studies on how to make your business remarkable.

When you drive by a heard of cattle they all look like cows and it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.  But if you drive by a heard and standing in the field is a Purple Cow you have to tell someone because it is so different.  When something forces you to remark on it, by definition it is remarkable.  This is what your new business strategy should be focusing on, finding ways to make your customers talk about your products to their friends.

So the obvious question is, what is a Purple Cow?

Sanpellegrino is different than regular juice.  Well, it’s not really different.  It’s sparkling juice in a can but the secret lies in the can itself.  Every can of Sanpellegrino has a foil lid you must peal off before drinking.  As if your juice is so special that it needs to be covered by an additional seal.  Also, you can’t find this juice at gas stations or any old grocer, I’ve only been able to find it a Costco.

It’s different, it makes the juice seem extra special.  It creates an experience for the consumer.

It’s a purple cow. Read more

Don’t Forget, We Live in Saskatchewan

Old mobile phone“QR Code adoption up 1,135%”

“Forget a Website, all you need is mobile app”

“People are no longer using computers, just mobile phones”

There are a lot of headlines lately that are probably making you say WTF more often than Snoop Dogg at a Miley Cyrus concert.  Yes, technology is advancing at an alarming rate but don’t forget, we live in Saskatchewan.  Read more

What do Keg Party’s and Great Products Have in Common?

Keg PartyYou want to share the experience.

When you hear someone is having a keg party the host of it does not have to try to get you to come. She doesn’t have to sell you on the party, she doesn’t have to advertise to get people to come. The keg sells the party.  No one wants to miss a Keg party.

Great products are much like keg parties–you want to tell others about them. They are not your regular products; they are different in some special way. Clever advertising doesn’t need to be used to sell them.  A large part of your budget doesn’t need to go towards “branding”. Read more