Which Advertising Agency in Regina is the Most Social?

If you love marketing as much as I do you probably follow the Ad Agencies in town here quite closely.  Even more interesting is how they are adopting the online world of marketing, which lead me to a few questions I needed an answer to. “Which one is the best online?  Who’s the most social?  Who has an effective online strategy?” In this post I attempt to answer these. Read more

Educate Yourself

Albert EinsteinWant to have an opinion on a topic?  Easy, read a few books on said topic, you’ll have plenty of material for your next cocktail party.  Don’t like reading?  Buy an audio book on iTunes.  Don’t like books? Read blogs.  Don’t like reading blogs?  Listen to Podcasts.  Don’t like Podcasts? Watch as many videos on Ted.com as you possibly can.

True education is not institutionalized learning, that’s the bare minimum of education (school).  Read more

We Don’t Have an Awareness Problem, We Have a Marketing Problem

Old school radioA client of mine had a radio sales person stop by the other day, she was polite, left her card and said she’d follow up with an e-mail.  My client has already told her he does not want to use radio.  The following day he receives an e-mail/sales pitch on why radio is the best medium to spread his message to the masses.  Radio?  Really?  REALLY?

This is frustrating for my client because he doesn’t have an awareness problem, he has a marketing problem.  The sales person has never thought to ask “what is the goal of your marketing?”, a simple question that would have helped her immensely at understanding how to make the sale. Read more

‘Almost’ is Worthless

YodaAlmost running a marathon is worthless.

Almost traveling the World actually means you haven’t left your couch in months.

Almost going on a diet means nothing, actually, it means you found a better reason not to go on the diet.  Effectively worthless. Read more