Your Business Plan is Worthless

Most people caTwitter screen shot @jephmaystruckn make a plan.  As long as you have a small grasp on business you can put some chicken scratch down on the back of a napkin. Read more

Want To Save $900?

Social Mention

I saw (and RT’d) an offer from The Phoenix Group to do a “Quick Social Media Analysis” for your company to the tune of $900.  At first I was happy!  “Finally, the biggest agency in Regina is doing more social media, YAAAA!”  White doves were released in the air and a small baby penguin was born.  Then I read on…

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Don’t Take My Advice

This past month I gave two friends unsolicited marketing advice and I ended up being completely wrong.  I didn’t know their entire situation, I didn’t know what they were actually thinking, I gave advice I shouldn’t have.

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Is Your Brand a Ford or a Porsche?

This is a guest post written by Brin Werrett from RockStar Homes.

Successfully sell your brand and your products will sell themselves.

Every business has a product and most, arguably, have a brand. Pick up any of the latest marketing books and you’ll hear that some of the most successful companies in the word don’t sell you products. They sell you a brand. Call it “Brand Fans” or whatever you want, but there’s a distinct difference in how these companies do business and how their customers perceive their products. Read more

The Innovator’s Dilemma

solar power cartoonIn a traditional business life cycle, once a corporation has matured into a large entity, it can become difficult to explore new potential growth markets as the sheer size of the corporation dictates the amount of revenue needed to sustain operations.  Essentially businesses get too big to be nimble enough to explore where the next disruptive technology (which will completely revamp their industry) will come from. Read more