The Smartest Marketing Book Ever Written

Brandwashed BookThe book Brandwashed is the smartest marketing book ever written because of the vast research Martin Lindstrom does on the topic.  His first book [Buy-ology] was groundbreaking for what it uncovered about the sacred topic of marketing.  I really think everyone should read it.  Take the quiz to see if you’ve been Brandwashed.  I’ve listed some highlights from the book to show you how much you’ll learn. Read more

Tom Brady in Pink

It’s What Your Non-Profit is Missing: A Social Object

We’re all witnessing the effects of a very smart, new tactic taken on by non-profits, the use of social objects (thanks to Hugh MacLeod for the inspiration behind ‘Social Objects’).

A Social Object is something worth talking about, it’s the reason you tell somebody about something, it’s the topics and stories we talk about.  If it’s interesting enough that you want to share it with someone then it’s a Social Object.  And according to Hugh, if you really think about it, Social Objects are usually never boring, mediocre, or regular, because why would you share with someone something that’s ordinary? Read more

The Three Types of Measurement

There are three broad categories that encompass most, if not all measurement regarding your marketing strategy.  They are not mutually exclusive, your marketing strategy will end up being measured by a combination of all three.  The three measures are descriptive, diagnostic, and predictiveRead more

People Don’t Boo Nobodies


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I was listening to a Freakinomics podcast the other day and they were talking about “booing”.  You know, ref makes a bad call and you boo?  Ok that’s not the point.

It was a story about booing that got me.

Johnnie LeMaster played 12 seasons in the majors, mostly with the San Francisco Giants.  He was a shortstop with a career average of around 220.  Nothing special but an all around good player to have on your team.

Read more

Price Is a Calculation; Value Is a Feeling

Price is determined by an executive or a management team.  They understand how much a product or service costs to make or deliver, add a margin of profit and the result is the “price”.

Value is the feeling every customer and potential customer puts on the product or service provided.  Do not confuse value with price. Read more

Some People Will Always Hate You

We should all strive to get more feedback in our day to day but there is some feedback you shouldn’t listen to.

When South Park had it’s first focus group test at Comedy Central it set a record for only scoring 1.5 out of 10 with women.  Three of the women in the group cried they hated it so much.  Yet South Park went on to be one of the most recognized cartoons out there, and they are still creating more episodes to this day. Read more