Episode #5 – What Does The Vintage Tea Room & The Imax Have In Common?

Episode 5 – Collette & Greg on Imax Popcorn and Future of Social Media <–Click HereGreg Hluska on Twitter @Hluska

This one goes for almost an hour long, I’d suggest putting it on in the background and doing something else on your computer (or download it in iTunes and listen in your car).  Read more

Realize: How Not To Market a University

Lately I’ve noticed several different University of Regina billboards around Regina. Now if you immediately jump to “but Jeph you saw them and remembered them.  Isn’t that a great billboard?!?” Hardly. Not all exposure is good exposure.  Do you think BP’s oil spill was “good” exposure for the company? Read more

The 6 Most Inspiring Quotes Ever (But not what you think)

Most quotes are pretty cliche.  But quotes that are provocative or wrong or provocatively-wrong I find incredibly fascinating.  Maybe because the author went out on a limb and failed.  Maybe because it’s a reflection of the imposed limits we as a society seemingly always put your ourselves.  Or maybe because it’s proof that someone didn’t listen to advice, that they never gave in when everyone told them they were wrong.  It’s those people who change our world.  I think these quotes are an inspiration because it’s proof that no matter how crazy people say your idea is, you can make it happen. Read more

Episode #4 – Ryan Holota On Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Be Risky

Episode 4 of The Marketing Revolution Podcast Featuring Ryan Holota <–Click here

Ryan-Holota-logoI met Ryan Holota roughly three years ago on Twitter.  Since then we regularly go for coffee or a lunch sharing ideas on how we’re using social media.  Read more

I Want to Work With You, Maybe?

I don’t sell on my blog usually, I think that’s tacky, but there comes a time when one must reach out to their community and ask for help.  And I may not necessarily be able to help you or your company, but if you know of someone you think that could use my services, please let them know.

Any way you can help spread the word I’d very much appreciate it! Read more

Episode #3 – Nothing’s Impossible, For The Regina Symphony Orchestra

Episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast – Nothing’s Impossible for the RSO <– Click Here

Taron Cochrane on Twitter

In episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Taron Cochrane (@taron_cochrane), the self proclaimed “music fanatic” is the creative marketing and promotions manager of the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO).  Taron loves music, it’s his passion and just talking to him for a few minutes you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice, music is a major part of his life.  Other than working for the RSO Taron also is a freelance writer for the Leaderpost, Horizon’s magazine and also is a graphic designer. See Taron’s Website. Read more