Episode #9 – Who Tweets For The @ReginaPolice?

Episode 9 – The Friendliest Twitter Handle in the World, The Regina Police

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The Best Ted Talks of All Time

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Below is a collection of my favorite videos that teach you something.  They’re mostly from Ted.com.  Please share any of your fav videos in the comments at the end.  Enjoy.

Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation

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15 Ideas To Improve Your Boring Corporate Give-A-Way

Expanding-dinosaurs-in-waterThe calendar you give away every year is cliche, that monthly newsletter of yours bores people, and if you still think sending a generic Christmas card in the mail every December keeps you “top of mind”, you’re completely off kilter.  Its time to get smarter about what you’re giving away on behalf of your company.  Remember; “there is no such thing as a neutral brand interaction, you either increase or decrease the perception people have of the value of your brand, every time they come in contact with it.”  Read more

Episode #8 – An Interview With a Professional Wordsmith, Linden Wilcock

Episode 8 – Linden Wilcock on Twitter, Facebook, the Tweetup and the future of Social Media

Linden Wilcock - Twitter ProfileEnter Linden Wilcock.  He’s about to graduate from the Hill School of Business at he University of Regina.  I met Linden on Twitter and several Hooka Lounge nights later a friendship was born.

Linden is working on Social Media strategy and implementation over at Highland Mortgage Partners.  He’s smart.  He gives presentations regularly on Twitter and Facebook.  If you want to attend one you should ask Linden (tell him Jeph sent you and you’ll get a free session). Read more

Tim Hortons QR Code survey

6 Ways to Use QR Codes That Are Actually Useful

QR Code Cartoon Brand Camp by Tom FishburneI actually don’t know why the QR Code debate still continues.  Any half minded marketer can see it’s not a major break through, game changing technology or even remotely worth the amount of attention we’ve put towards these ugly boxes.  Having said that…

I will admit that they are actually quite useful if you’re creative enough.  There I said it, happy?  Read more

Episode #7 – Poking on Facebook & How Squareflo Looks at Your Website Feat. Derek Wu – Part 2 of 2

Episode #7- Poking on Facebook and Squareflo Websites Feat. Derek Wu – Part 2 of 2

Derek WuIn Episode #7 on the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Derek Wu, again (with much better sound quality this time).  That’s right, find Part 1 of 2, “Who is Derek Wu?” right here.  The first one is more about where he came from, lessons he learned early on, and how he began the behemoth social butterfly he is today (haha sorry Derek, told ya I could get behemoth into your title). Read more