10 Quotes From The New Marketing Text Book – “Brand Against the Machine”


Brand Against the Machine by John Morgan should be a mandatory marketing textbook read by all business students and marketers.

John Morgan has a way of telling it like it is.  A very down-to-earth, thought provoking read.  The chapters are written in bite sized chunks, an easy book to get through, but that doesn’t mean it’s light in content.  It was published in November of 2011 so the case studies he uses are very relevant and he shares a lot.  You’re going to learn what branding means in 2012 and beyond.  If you want to be relevant in the marketing industry in the next five years you better read this book.  I’d follow John Morgan, he’ll be one of the leading authority’s on branding for a long time. Read more

How Blogging Impacts Human Resources (Guest Post)

A guest post from Erin Palmer, she works in online programs at Villanova University. Read more

Episode #6 – Who’s Derek Wu? – Part 1 of 2

Episode 6 – The Derek Wu Story Part 1 – The Marketing Revolution Podcast

Derek Wu on FacebookThis week on the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Derek Wu.  I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Derek for a while now and have worked with him several times.  Of everyone I know, no one knows more people than Derek Wu.  And not in a sleazy used car salesmen type way. Derek sincerely takes the time to get to know people every day. Read more