Complaining About The Inevitable

“Our kids are going to be ruined!  All they do is text, Facebook and Youtube all day.”  “This generation is growing up to be stupid!”.  “Whatever happened to talking in person and going an hour without checking your cell phone?”. Read more

9 Ways to Commit Social Media Blasphemy

Social-media-blasphemy1. Writing a post about social media blasphemy, yup, that’s blasphemy alright. Read more

Freakonomics Podcast

A Freakonomics Radio Podcast

Freakonomics PodcastHow Is a Bad Radio Station Like Our Public-School System? (A Freakonomics Podcast Encore)

The Freakonomics Radio Podcast is one of my favorites by far (subscribe here on iTunes).  The show’s about Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner exploring the “hidden side of everything”.  Along the same lines of their two wildly popular books, Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics (I highly recommend reading both). Read more

How Can We Expect Students To Love Reading?

If we forced kids to play boring video games all through school and into University they probably would hate video games when they graduate.

If we forced kids to play boring sports all through school and into University they probably would hate sports when they graduate.

How can we expect kids students to love reading when we’ve forced them to read boring textbooks all their lives?

Coda Clothing and Shoes

Episode 12 – The Coda Clothing Story Starring Colter Wood

Episode 12 – The Coda Clothing Story Starring Colter Wood

Coda Clothing and Shoes This weeks episode is an interview with the man behind Coda Clothing & Shoes, Colter Wood.  Coda is no stranger to my blog.  I’ve written about Cause Marketing and how Coda brands itself in the community.  I am also currently working with Coda on their online marketing.

Colter is a fascinating business man and a friend that sticks out in my mind.  He’s opinionated and very smart on many topics.  It’s very refreshing  He’ll disagree with you to your face without making you feel bad about it.  He thinks about business differently.  He’s made some astute business decisions early on in his career that I don’t think most people would have in the same situation.  He has a unique mind, doesn’t agree with the status quo, and has delivered on the vision of what he set out to create.  It’s an inspiring story. Read more

The Only Two Reasons Why We’re On The Internet…

“People only go to the Web for two reasons – to solve a problem or to be entertained.”  Think about that when you’re considering your next Facebook update, Tweet, blog post, new website, or newsletter article.

Entertain them, or solve their problem.  If you’re trying to do anything else you’re going to fail.


Hat tip the the Social Pros Podcast on for this quote.