Guest Podcast – RadioLab: Choice

radiolab-logoWNYC’s RadioLab Podcast – Choice

Every month I want to share a podcast on here that I learned a lot from, this week is probably the best produced podcast out there.  You’re going to love RadioLab.

The first podcast I ever listened to was RadioLab. It’s the podcast that actually made me enjoy listening to podcasts. Read more

How Do You Create a Visionary Company?

built-to-last-bookIn the summer before my final semester of University, we had a Business Students Society retreat one Saturday.  I’ll never forget the presentation we heard over lunch.  The guest speaker, at the time was a finance prof from the faculty, Mr. Lorne Schnell.  The message was based a lot on the book Built to Last (1997) by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras.  It was about building a foundation, digging deep down to the core of why you’re doing what you’re doing (why were we on the business students society, and what did we want to create).  Start with a foundation, set BHAGS and ensure you get the right people on the bus (from Collins next book, Good to Great).

After that presentation, it led us to the create of our motto for the year, inspire.  It turned out to be a changing and very rewarding year on the BSS. Read more

red cam

Episode 17 – The Living Sky Media Conglomerate

Episode 17 – The Living Sky Media Conglomerate

Riley Moynes HeadshotI’ve known Riley for a while now and have been working with him for at least three years.  Riley has always struck me as a different kind of character.  Wait, how do I put it…..  Riley’s weird.  He’s an extraordinary individual, I’ve always said he’s a brilliant artist.  You won’t know exactly what I mean until you do a video with him and begin to understand why he so passionate about telling a story with film. Read more

You Don’t Have To Agree With Me

I think there’s a major fundamental flaw in the way the majority of us think about our opinions.  When we disagree with someone, we assume they are wrong (they very well may be) but to assume other things about that person based on their belief is the problem.

One of the most important lesson children (and most adults) must learn, is that just because you have a differing fundamental opinion or set of beliefs than someone else, doesn’t mean you can’t respect them and get along them just fine. Read more

Episode #16 – How Do You Teach “Business” in High School? Feat. Jordan McFarlen

Episode 16 – How do you Teach “Business” in High School Featuring Jordan McFarlen

Jordan mcfarlenI met Jordan McFarlen in High School, we won a city championship on the same volleyball team.  We still play volleyball together on, arguably the best beach volleyball team in the city, the Volley Lama’s.

Jordan has always been very smart and just a really a fun guy to be around.  Now all grown up, he’s one of the most progressive teachers in the Regina Public School system.  He’s a great guy and an inspiring teacher,  I think he’s going to do something amazing in this world.

You’ll enjoy what he has to say. Read more

If You Can Fill in The Blanks, You Don’t Need a Strategy…

We started our business because  ____________ and we will standout in our industry because we believe ____________ . (Start With Why by Simon Sinek)

We will create ____________ market space in our industry to secure our Blue Ocean. (Blue Ocean Strategy by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim) Read more