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  1. Lise Merle
    Lise Merle says:

    Attention: Everyone!

    I am going to start writing newsletters!

    They are going to feature a lot of useful information about the program “Hoarders”, and you will be able to sign up very easily! (Jeph, I’m lookin’ at you…)

    I’ll also have contests where you will be able to win a bag of prunes from Costco. Because it’s been scientifically proven that it’s fall down hilarious to win a bag of semi dried fruit famous only for its ability to keep you regular. See? I’m laughing already. Ha!

    My newsletter will also have tonnes and tonnes of useful information followed by tonnes and tonnes of exclamation points! As evidenced in this here message!

    Until I actually begin writing my newsletter featuring exclamation points and prune contests, feel free to visit me on the Twitter. (Jeph kindly linked to me in point 5 above.)

    Ta-Ta for now!

    Your friend,

    Lise I’m #5 Merle


  2. Ryan Holota
    Ryan Holota says:

    Great advice Jeff. Most businesses should have a newsletter, but they need to carefully consider the type of content that they want to include. Nobody wants more spam in their inbox.

  3. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    The competition not to be regarded as spam is going to increase in difficulty in the coming years as well. With services coming out like Gmail priority inbox you can’t afford to do your newsletter half-ass’d.

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