Advice No One Will Ever Tell You

It’s all a rat race.

In highschool, you’re competing against everyone in your grade, city, and province for the scholarships from your local university. Or for the two scholarships Harvard gives to two lucky Canadian students.

When you’re in University, everyone around you will soon be competing for the same job you are trying to get.

When you’re young, no one is going to tell you that life’s a rat race.  That life’s a popularity contest. That the people who work harder, who are driven and who want it more, nine times out of ten get it.

No, no one is going to tell you that, you have to find out for yourself.  The earlier the better.
Once you understand what kind of competition you’re going up against it makes a lot more sense to differentiate.  To stick out.  To not be in the norm.

If you don’t believe me, enjoy your march to mediocrity.

(If you think getting the best grades in your class is the way you’re sticking out, you’ve missed my point entirely.)

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  1. Keith Andrade
    Keith Andrade says:

    It’s funny that as humans it’s almost like we are programmed to shut up and get in line. In school we generally make fun of the “Artsy” creative kids, the ones who stick out and then polish our Air Jordans to make ourselves feel better. Funny how usually the socially unaccepted are the people who are the bravest and can be the most influential.

  2. Jeph Maystruck
    Jeph Maystruck says:

    Interesting observation Keith, really makes me think back to high school and university as to how I felt about my classes and peers. I’ve always been a little different but it wasn’t till a guest speaker at a conference in Calgary inspired me to begin to be different in a bigger way. I came home from the conference and shaved my head. I’ve been bald ever since. I enjoy being different. 😉

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Mac
    Mac says:

    I’m with you on differentiating. That’s what I am teaching my kids; competition is real. They need to stand out to get theirs.

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