Alport Group LogoI began working with Alport Group in 2011.  Steve is a brilliant man when it comes to finances, wealth management and the investing industry.  A 25 year veteran, Steve Alport has seen more bull and bear markets than Warren Buffet.  Ok, maybe not that much but you get my drift?

We are slowly telling the story on the blog about how the vast majority of people think about investing in the wrong sense.  Short term, based only on stock price  Illogical, irrational, irresponsible, unforgivable!  No, it’s forgivable, you just need to understand more about the financial industry.  And why not learn from the best, just ask Steve about why we all think about the stock market wrong, I’ll bet you learn a lot.

We also established a Twitter account where Jamie Alport Tweets for the company.  He’s almost done University, is very smart on the investing world and shares the best information he finds on Twitter.  Expect to see big things from @AlportGroup on Twitter.

Based on years of research, several major studies and books later, we come to the conclusion that most of us humans are what Dan Ariely would call, Predictably Irrational.  It’s a great read.

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