Coda Clothing & Shoes ReginaColter is a brilliant entrepreneur, he owns Coda Clothing & Shoes.  Colter’s had the store now for over 4 years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In a era of people buying everything online, especially clothes, Coda takes a different approach.  They believe customer service can go a long way. The only way you can stand out in a world that sells commodity’s is having a great atmosphere and unbelievable service.  I think Coda possess both.  Coda really is one of Regina’s fashion darlings.  It’s not a chain, he doesn’t drive a semi truck with his logo on it and he believes in cause marketing.

I’ve written about Coda Clothing and cause marketing before also about my favorite product that Coda carries, Naked and Famous Jeans.   Coda has strong community ties and Colter has full intentions to keep hosting charity fashion shows, sponsoring DJ’s, marketing themselves as different, and just being that store that has ridiculous hours (check out their hours…).

We are working on a content strategy, increasing traffic to his web store and utilizing Twitter and Facebook more effectively.


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