Highland Mortgage Partners LogoI begin working with Highland Mortgage Partners back in late 2011.  Jackson, Keith and the rest of the gang are running a pretty tight ship.  Before I did anything with Highland they already had a great Social Media presence, Jackson and Keith are two of the most social guys on Twitter.  They didn’t need to be anymore social so we tackled their content strategy.

A few long conversations/arguments later we had a blog up and running on a brand spankin’ new website.  Jackson is the smartest person I know on Mortgages (ask him anything, I dare you) and he really takes care of his clients.  Follow Jackson on Twitter.

Keith is the business development manager at Highland (he’s worth a follow for #MusicTrivia alone!) Follow Keith on Twitter, you’ll see.

Finally, the Highland Facebook page is where the fun happens.  How does a Mortgage company make a win out of Facebook?  By giving away gift cards to local establishments, that’s how.  Like their page for a chance to win a gift card every Tuesday.

I still meet with the Highland team regularly but more so as a sounding board (they’re quite smart about what they’re doing).