Living Sky Media LogoI’ve known Riley Moynes for over 5 years now.  He blew my mind with what he can do with a camera back then and he still does till this day.  Just recently he picked up a new camera.  The same camera they used to film Pirates of the Caribbean.  Yeah, that’s Riley.

Riley tells stories using video.  His amazing work speaks for itself.  He’s been the sole person behind Living Sky Media until earlier this year he joined forces with Adam Burwell.  Together, I can not fathom what those two will create.

I had the pleasure of doing live blogs at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with Riley.  For Seventeen days straight we filmed and produced a short video for the Saskatchewan Pavilion website.  Since then we’ve worked on many projects together.  Recently he’s reinvented his online presence.  Check out his brand spankin’ new website ( here, and Follow @LivingSkyMedia (Riley Moynes) on Twitter here.