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The Only Two Reasons Why We’re On The Internet…


“People only go to the Web for two reasons – to solve a problem or to be entertained.”  Think about that when you’re considering your next Facebook update, Tweet, blog post, new website, or newsletter article.

Entertain them, or solve their problem.  If you’re trying to do anything else you’re going to fail.


Hat tip the the Social Pros Podcast on ConvinceAndConvert.com for this quote.

Episode #11 – Regina’s Great Bambino-Kip Simon From 22Fresh


Episode 11 – Regina’s Great Bambino-Kip Simon of 22Fresh

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Episode #10 – Why Earls Is The Best, an Interview With Jim Demeray


Episode 10 – Why Earls is Better, an Interview with Jim Demeray

Jim DemerayIn episode 10 I talk to Jim Demeray (follow Jim on Twitter or see Jim’s MySpace Page).  He’s the managing partner at the Earls Vic East location.  I met Jim in University and he always was a little different, a little weird.  In a good way.

I always looked up to Jim because he had an amazing gift of entertaining people back in University and he still does to this day.  He’s a natural entertainer.  Couple a shining personality with a strategic thinking mind that’s constantly learning and you get a brilliant leader and partner in Earls Vic East restaurant.


Episode #9 – Who Tweets For The @ReginaPolice?


Episode 9 – The Friendliest Twitter Handle in the World, The Regina Police

Regina Police on Twitter