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Episode #3 – Nothing’s Impossible, For The Regina Symphony Orchestra


Episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast – Nothing’s Impossible for the RSO <– Click Here

Taron Cochrane on Twitter

In episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Taron Cochrane (@taron_cochrane), the self proclaimed “music fanatic” is the creative marketing and promotions manager of the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO).  Taron loves music, it’s his passion and just talking to him for a few minutes you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice, music is a major part of his life.  Other than working for the RSO Taron also is a freelance writer for the Leaderpost, Horizon’s magazine and also is a graphic designer. See Taron’s Website.


Episode #2 – Why would a car dealership use social media?


Click here –>TMRP Episode #2 – Why would a car dealership use Social Media?

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7 Marketing Predictions For 2012 | Part 2 of 2


The Marketing Revolution Podcast

This is part two in the wonderful year end wrap-up.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s part one: “What We Learned About Social Media in 2011”

1.  It’s the year of mobile! (except for Saskatchewan) I don’t mean we won’t see growth in the use of mobile in Saskatchewan, I mean our province is slow to adapt to new technology, there’s still a phone book in most houses.  Everywhere you turn you see startling statistics on the use of apps on mobile phones.  Until businesses start seeing their bottom line increasing because of a new “app” it’s still a shinny new tool in the toolbox.

At this point apps don’t turn me on, Google does. 

Episode #1 – Your Corporate Twitter Account is Boring


Episode 1 – The Marketing Revolution Podcast – Your Corporate Twitter Account is Boring!  <– Click here

Jackson Middleton on TwitterIn this episode @Lindenwilcock and @Kiltedbroker join myself for a conversation on corporate and local Twitter accounts.  Should you have a separate company Twitter account? Linden Wilcock on Twitter Why not? If all you’re using Twitter for is another mega phone to “get your message out there”, please stop.  You’re wasting your time.  The solution conceptually is quite simple.  Just add value, that’s it.  Conceptually simple but realistically very difficult because we perceive value differently and what one person loves another may hate.  So how do you implement the right strategy?

We talk about @TeamGBIS, @reginapolice @ReginaSymphony @EarlsVicEast @codaclothing @HickoryGrill what’s good about some of these accounts and a couple stories on what not to do.

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What We Learned About Social Media in 2011 | Part 1 of 2


Bill Lumberg

This is part one of two in the wonderful year end wrap-up.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s part two: “7 Marketing Predictions for 2012”

1.  Most Businesses treat Facebook wrong   Simply hosting a contest on Facebook doesn’t cut it anymore.  People are finding that after the contest is over they don’t understand how to interact with the community they’ve developed.  Inevitably they continue to push their “company news” as updates on their Facebook page because someone in the marketing department thought it was a “good idea”.  Eventually people see the meaningless one-way communication and quickly find the ‘Unlike’ button.