Case Study:

What is it?

A Campbell’s website that offers recipes, recipes reviews, a Youtube channel with video tutorials, connecting with Campbell’s on Facebook, “Meal Mail” the e-mail newsletter, a downloadable mobile app, and an application to submit and keep track of your recipes.  Very interactive, easy to navigate, and I love the rating system along with the comments on recipes.

How I heard about it:

A commercial on national television.

Why it’s important:

Another casualty of the internet’s rise that you may not have thought of, cookbooks.  If you know you can’t influence chef’s in the kitchen through cookbooks why not go to where they’re getting the recipes from, the internet.  Campbell’s understands that as a brand, if they want to compete in the future they must adapt to where people can find them.

The strategy seems to be provide cooks with all the resources they need and in return, those cooks will want to purchase Campbell’s products to make the delicious recipes.

Where do you find your recipes?  Are you still using cookbooks?   What do you think?

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  1. Don Carmen
    Don Carmen says:

    I personally am angry with Campbell soup. With the concern with landfill as well as trucking costs they continue to have the rounded bottoms on their cans. If the bottom could be removed the can can (not the dance) be flattened.
    Have a good humour day,

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