What Has Changed About Marketing?

Customer service > Advertising

Word-of-Mouth > Promotion

Engagement > Awareness

Permission > Interruption

Relevancy > Frequency

Actions > Impressions

Niche > Mass

Start marketing smarter.

15 Ideas To Improve Your Boring Corporate Give-A-Way

Expanding-dinosaurs-in-waterThe calendar you give away every year is cliche, that monthly newsletter of yours bores people, and if you still think sending a generic Christmas card in the mail every December keeps you “top of mind”, you’re completely off kilter.  Its time to get smarter about what you’re giving away on behalf of your company.  Remember; “there is no such thing as a neutral brand interaction, you either increase or decrease the perception people have of the value of your brand, every time they come in contact with it.”  Read more

10 Quotes From The New Marketing Text Book – “Brand Against the Machine”


Brand Against the Machine by John Morgan should be a mandatory marketing textbook read by all business students and marketers.

John Morgan has a way of telling it like it is.  A very down-to-earth, thought provoking read.  The chapters are written in bite sized chunks, an easy book to get through, but that doesn’t mean it’s light in content.  It was published in November of 2011 so the case studies he uses are very relevant and he shares a lot.  You’re going to learn what branding means in 2012 and beyond.  If you want to be relevant in the marketing industry in the next five years you better read this book.  I’d follow John Morgan, he’ll be one of the leading authority’s on branding for a long time. Read more

Realize: How Not To Market a University

Lately I’ve noticed several different University of Regina billboards around Regina. Now if you immediately jump to “but Jeph you saw them and remembered them.  Isn’t that a great billboard?!?” Hardly. Not all exposure is good exposure.  Do you think BP’s oil spill was “good” exposure for the company? Read more

Casestudy: How a Babyboomer Buys a Vehicle

Capital GMC website's homepageMy Father is a baby boomer, he has no brand preference to vehicle (see next sentence) and he loves his cars.  In the past ten years my he has driven a Nissan, Infinity, Honda, BMW and recently he went out to find a truck.  Read more

Episode #2 – Why would a car dealership use social media?

Click here –>TMRP Episode #2 – Why would a car dealership use Social Media?

@CapitolFord on Twitter Read more