Price Is a Calculation; Value Is a Feeling

Price is determined by an executive or a management team.  They understand how much a product or service costs to make or deliver, add a margin of profit and the result is the “price”.

Value is the feeling every customer and potential customer puts on the product or service provided.  Do not confuse value with price. Read more

Is Your Brand a Ford or a Porsche?

This is a guest post written by Brin Werrett from RockStar Homes.

Successfully sell your brand and your products will sell themselves.

Every business has a product and most, arguably, have a brand. Pick up any of the latest marketing books and you’ll hear that some of the most successful companies in the word don’t sell you products. They sell you a brand. Call it “Brand Fans” or whatever you want, but there’s a distinct difference in how these companies do business and how their customers perceive their products. Read more

What do Keg Party’s and Great Products Have in Common?

Keg PartyYou want to share the experience.

When you hear someone is having a keg party the host of it does not have to try to get you to come. She doesn’t have to sell you on the party, she doesn’t have to advertise to get people to come. The keg sells the party.  No one wants to miss a Keg party.

Great products are much like keg parties–you want to tell others about them. They are not your regular products; they are different in some special way. Clever advertising doesn’t need to be used to sell them.  A large part of your budget doesn’t need to go towards “branding”. Read more

The University of Regina iPhone App

Iusask appI don’t think most companies and organizations in Saskatchewan need an app.  We’re still pretty far behind the technology curve.  So if you think developing an app as your next strategic move, I’d look into it a little deeper.  One organization that does have an app is the U of S, so obviously we need to ask the question; why doesn’t the University of Regina have one?

Before you go developing god knows what kind of app for your company make sure you ask the difficult questions along the way.

Why do we need an app?  What incentive is there to downloading our app?  Will an app make it easier for people to _________(fill in the blank) at the University of Regina?  Is it just our website in a different format?  Who is responsible for updating it?  Is our app worth talking about? Read more

How Do You Buy?

The more you knowLet’s do a little thought experiment here.  Think about when you want to purchase a big ticket item or hire an important service in your life.  How does it happen?  You realize you need insurance, an investment advisor, planning your next holiday, a new car. Will you decide to purchase  any of these items without looking them up on Google or somewhere on the internet?  If your answer is yes, I think you loosing out on some valuable information. Read more

Marketing Begins With a Remarkable Product

Naked & Famous Denim LogoIf you want someone to buy your mediocre product go talk to Wal-Mart. If you have a remarkable product people will talk about it for you.

I found this video on Coda Clothing’s Facebook page, a week after I purchased Naked and Famous Jeans from Coda.  Not only are they a great pair of jeans the story behind the company is amazing. Read more