To Wrap, or not to Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming a great alternative to billboards and other awareness type mediums and for good reason. The vehicle is seen in many different places, depending on how much it is driven, and it works because it is different.

This post isn’t to decide if the car wraps themselves are effective but more importantly the car behind the wrap, and what message it’s portraying.

Do you want your brand to be displayed on a luxury car to give your business a “high-end” type feel?  Or do you wrap an entry level vehicle to show the world you are frugal and manage money well? A GM to support the automakers? Or a foreign car that’s going to be reliable for years?  Some vehicles are for functionality, others are to stand out, and some need to be able to hold an entertainment centre in the rear so an SUV is the obvious choice.

My gut says I like the luxury car but there’s something to say about companies that purchase an economy line.
Is there a perfect choice? Probably a Prius to show your company has a small carbon footprint. On that note, what do you think about everyone jumping on the Hummer band wagon a few years back?  What kind of impression of your company are you making?

It’s growing in popularity so it would be nice to come to a conclusion on which is better, luxury or economy, what do you think? (click the links for some examples)

mmmmmm Your Company Looks Good

Want your company to look good?  Want people to look up to your brand? Want people to say, “Wow, what a sexy brand!” Unless you are Richard Branson, you’re company’s brand isn’t that sexy.  Don’t fret there is a solution.

At a recent Chamber of Commerce presentation I was attending, there was a small committee waiting to greet me immediately as I walked in.  This wasn’t your regular Wal-mart greeter, far from it.  Later I found out it was the DirectWest Street team, four great looking individuals begging to show me something on my phone, how could I resist?  I learned how to do a local search on my phones browser, useful for a person like me or anyone that doesn’t carry a phone book on their hip.  The interesting part is I’ve seen this service offered on a billboard before but never tried it out, until that day.

Involving your brand with young, beautiful people is a great way to better the brands perception, you can’t help but smile when talking to these folks.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink he talks about how good looking people are easier to talk to and much easier remembered, our first impression of these people is almost always positive, why not use this to your brands advantage?

Captive Audience understands this, being the pioneer of street teams in the Regina area, they are doing more of this and for good reason.  Because we remember interactions with the street team.  I don’t have to listen to a billboard, a TV commercial or any advertisement for that matter, I am great at ignoring (we all are) but you try say no to a good looking person, it is VERY difficult.  This is why this type of guerilla advertising will grow, it’s effective and a much better alternative to mass media.

So the next time you want to get your message across, use a street team, you’re helping your brand out more than you think.

The Cute Teller

Ever go to the grocery store and someone goes out of his or her way to help you?  Your favorite pub has that one server that is simply amazing paired with that irresistible smile?  Finally, does your bank have a cute teller?

These perceived small aspects of your business have a much larger positive affect than you think.  The three examples above all have something in common; they make the customer happy.  A happy customer is a repeat customer and an ambassador for your brand.  Think about it, if you like a server at a certain restaurant chances are you will return, why?  Because they made you feel great and that’s worth talking about, the definition of being remarkable.

This doesn’t happen regularly and it’s difficult to ask out of your staff but you can encourage it.  When someone goes above and beyond to help someone, show then that you appreciate it.  Encourage your staff to pay attention to detail, after all they don’t have to dress as nice as they do, do they?  There will always be some people who leverage their own assets to create a positive affect on their organization, it’s up to you to spot those people and do whatever you can to keep them, after all, they are your brand.

Who Are You?

Transparency on the internet is becoming more and more important, if I can’t put a face to your company’s name the chances are I don’t trust you.  It’s not difficult to write a little blurb about yourself and why you started the company in the first place, so why don’t you do it?  To me it looks like your hiding something, you don’t want me to see who is behind this new company and therefore I don’t trust you.

Websites can be built within hours so how do I know this isn’t just another larger companies subsidiary entering the market?  If you’re just a new company, great, tell me about yourself, tell me who works for you, tell me what they’re good at.  The people working for you should be an asset, showcase what their strengths are.  The more talent I see working for you the better chance you have to garner my business.

Gone are the days of phantom companies on the internet, we want to see who’s behind all your good ideas.  Finally, if you don’t want to disclose who works for you because it might hurt your brand maybe they shouldn’t be working for you in the first place.