Complaining About The Inevitable

“Our kids are going to be ruined!  All they do is text, Facebook and Youtube all day.”  “This generation is growing up to be stupid!”.  “Whatever happened to talking in person and going an hour without checking your cell phone?”. Read more

The 6 Most Inspiring Quotes Ever (But not what you think)

Most quotes are pretty cliche.  But quotes that are provocative or wrong or provocatively-wrong I find incredibly fascinating.  Maybe because the author went out on a limb and failed.  Maybe because it’s a reflection of the imposed limits we as a society seemingly always put your ourselves.  Or maybe because it’s proof that someone didn’t listen to advice, that they never gave in when everyone told them they were wrong.  It’s those people who change our world.  I think these quotes are an inspiration because it’s proof that no matter how crazy people say your idea is, you can make it happen. Read more

7 Marketing Predictions For 2012 | Part 2 of 2

The Marketing Revolution Podcast

This is part two in the wonderful year end wrap-up.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s part one: “What We Learned About Social Media in 2011”

1.  It’s the year of mobile! (except for Saskatchewan) I don’t mean we won’t see growth in the use of mobile in Saskatchewan, I mean our province is slow to adapt to new technology, there’s still a phone book in most houses.  Everywhere you turn you see startling statistics on the use of apps on mobile phones.  Until businesses start seeing their bottom line increasing because of a new “app” it’s still a shinny new tool in the toolbox.

At this point apps don’t turn me on, Google does.  Read more

Tom Brady in Pink

It’s What Your Non-Profit is Missing: A Social Object

We’re all witnessing the effects of a very smart, new tactic taken on by non-profits, the use of social objects (thanks to Hugh MacLeod for the inspiration behind ‘Social Objects’).

A Social Object is something worth talking about, it’s the reason you tell somebody about something, it’s the topics and stories we talk about.  If it’s interesting enough that you want to share it with someone then it’s a Social Object.  And according to Hugh, if you really think about it, Social Objects are usually never boring, mediocre, or regular, because why would you share with someone something that’s ordinary? Read more

How Do You Fix School?

The first school roomNo matter how you approach the future of education you’re always going to have a group of people who disagree with you. That’s great. That means you’re on to something. It’s when everyone’s in agreement you should be worried. Read more