Never Ever Say “I Should Have…”

Many people throughout their life will make a rendition of the statement “I should have done that!” or “I should have invented that!” or “I should have went to that!”.  Stop it.  You didn’t, so don’t dwell on the past and what you didn’t do.  It’s not very productive to analyze what you didn’t do and telling others that “you should have” makes people think you’re not very good at making decisions.

How does the saying go?  Very few people on their death beds say they wish they didn’t do so much throughout their life.  Inevitably when we’re old we will regret the things we didn’t do.

If you haven’t watched “Yes Man” yet, watch it, and seriously consider taking on a ‘Yes Man’ philosophy.

The Ultimate Question

The Ultimate Question 2.0 bookThe Ultimate Question is one of those books you want every manager, CEO, VP or anyone remotely interested in making their business better to read.  It really will change the way you think about customer feedback and the absolute best way to measure how you’re doing, not financially but by what your customers think about you.  For decades we’ve had financial instruments to measure how a company was doing financially but never a gage on what your customers actually thought of you.  The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a method of using quantitative measurements to understand what your customers think of you in comparison to past results and even other competitors in the market place. Read more

You Don’t Have To Agree With Me

I think there’s a major fundamental flaw in the way the majority of us think about our opinions.  When we disagree with someone, we assume they are wrong (they very well may be) but to assume other things about that person based on their belief is the problem.

One of the most important lesson children (and most adults) must learn, is that just because you have a differing fundamental opinion or set of beliefs than someone else, doesn’t mean you can’t respect them and get along them just fine. Read more

Unleashing The Vast Power of Your Brain

I’m a big fan of self education and these videos shared by a friend on Facebook were very enlightening.  I think you can learn a lot from them.  There’s four videos (they’re actually just audio on Youtube), roughly 10 minutes each.  I know, long hey? Sorry.  But it’s roughly the same length as your TV favorite show, weird.  And you’re going to learn a lot about your mind.  Let me know what you think (haha! Not literally).

Doubling Your Brain Power (Part 1 of 4)

Read more