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Episode 17 – The Living Sky Media Conglomerate

Episode 17 – The Living Sky Media Conglomerate

Riley Moynes HeadshotI’ve known Riley for a while now and have been working with him for at least three years.  Riley has always struck me as a different kind of character.  Wait, how do I put it…..  Riley’s weird.  He’s an extraordinary individual, I’ve always said he’s a brilliant artist.  You won’t know exactly what I mean until you do a video with him and begin to understand why he so passionate about telling a story with film. Read more

Episode #14 – A Website Overnight With NorthWorks

Episode 14 – A Website Overnight With

NorthWorks Web Design and DevelopmentLive from Smitty’s in the Golden Mile, I talk to Brandon Wu about his company and how he got his start. Read more

Coda Clothing and Shoes

Episode 12 – The Coda Clothing Story Starring Colter Wood

Episode 12 – The Coda Clothing Story Starring Colter Wood

Coda Clothing and Shoes This weeks episode is an interview with the man behind Coda Clothing & Shoes, Colter Wood.  Coda is no stranger to my blog.  I’ve written about Cause Marketing and how Coda brands itself in the community.  I am also currently working with Coda on their online marketing.

Colter is a fascinating business man and a friend that sticks out in my mind.  He’s opinionated and very smart on many topics.  It’s very refreshing  He’ll disagree with you to your face without making you feel bad about it.  He thinks about business differently.  He’s made some astute business decisions early on in his career that I don’t think most people would have in the same situation.  He has a unique mind, doesn’t agree with the status quo, and has delivered on the vision of what he set out to create.  It’s an inspiring story. Read more

Episode #11 – Regina’s Great Bambino-Kip Simon From 22Fresh

Episode 11 – Regina’s Great Bambino-Kip Simon of 22Fresh

Home screen image Read more

Episode #10 – Why Earls Is The Best, an Interview With Jim Demeray

Episode 10 – Why Earls is Better, an Interview with Jim Demeray

Jim DemerayIn episode 10 I talk to Jim Demeray (follow Jim on Twitter or see Jim’s MySpace Page).  He’s the managing partner at the Earls Vic East location.  I met Jim in University and he always was a little different, a little weird.  In a good way.

I always looked up to Jim because he had an amazing gift of entertaining people back in University and he still does to this day.  He’s a natural entertainer.  Couple a shining personality with a strategic thinking mind that’s constantly learning and you get a brilliant leader and partner in Earls Vic East restaurant. Read more

Episode #9 – Who Tweets For The @ReginaPolice?

Episode 9 – The Friendliest Twitter Handle in the World, The Regina Police

Regina Police on Twitter Read more