The Future of Exercising?

The gym I go to has stationary bikes with TV screens build in them and handle bars that you actually use to steer.  You can ride around a boring track or play the dragon coin game, the future of stationary biking.  The bike has gears like a normal bike and it steers like a normal bike but you peddle around a small village collecting coins and dragons, unlike a normal bike.  This is the closest I have ever come to having fun while exercising.  I hate exercising.

Someone out there understood that biking can be rather boring so why not throw in a little game to pass the time, albeit not a sophisticated game but enough to peek my interest.  It got me thinking, why do I dread going to this insufferable place to sweat my heart out day in, day out with no end in sight?  Why can’t exercising be fun?  And don’t just tell me Pilates is fun or that class my Mom goes to is “fun” exercise, no its not, not to me anyway.

The first computerized exercise bike was developed in the late 1960’s and since then all we’ve done is make the seats a bit more comfortable and put together a simple Asian game to make peddling a tad more enjoyable?  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to understand that there may be void in this market.  Wii Fit has taken advantage of people who want more out of their work outs, the popular game has proved very profitable for the Nintendo company selling just under 20 million units thus far.  Why wouldn’t it sell?  They took an activity the general public should be doing regularly that is not enjoyable and made it fun, seems like a formula for success to me.  But what is surprising is that no one else is doing it.

How many national gym chains are doing research and development into making exercising more enjoyable?  Have they ever?  Or are they just trying to make the next big machine?  Has anyone thought about flipping the industry on its head?  Possibly paying people to workout by getting them to do surveys while running?  Or why wouldn’t they take a page out of Nintendo’s book and make a video game that involved cardiovascular activity?  If we made exercising fun, and I mean actually fun it would increase the number of people working out and make our country healthier.

This could change the way our kids exercise and save our health care system millions of dollars, or it could just be my fat ass complaining because I hate working out.  You can decide.  But if you can take anything in your life that is not enjoyable and make it fun, you’re on to something and please let me know about it!

Challenging the Impossible

Just because no ones done it before doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  Our world loves to conform to what is proper and what is right.  I say standout, don’t conform, try something new, be different, challenge the impossible.  Why?  Because everything was impossible at one point before someone challenged it and prove it to be possible.

It can be very discouraging on the impossible path; it isn’t the norm so those that choose to challenge mediocrity are bound to face much ridicule.  Trying something new is always scary but to those who dare to push the limits await a substantial reward.  They are the trend setters, the leaders, the people that aren’t afraid to be wrong and without them our world would never progress.

If you’re one of these people good for you and good luck, if you’re not, maybe think twice about putting someone down for trying something new next time.

A Boring 480 Minutes or a Uber-hard 15?

We all have a choice, in life, in everything we do.  This post is about your choice of career path.  You either have the boring, mundane, heat the same lunch up in the microwave for 30 years at the same job or you have a terrible 15 minutes.

Let me explain.

Boring jobs? You say “not me!” Right?  Wrong.  Do you love your job?  Do you wake up twenty minutes early some mornings to try to get to your cubicle a bit early because you are so excited to work? No you don’t and you’re not alone, over 50% of our society hates their job, that means for eight hours every day over half the people you know are not happy.  So why do they do it?  Why do we settle?

Why is the societal norm to find something that is so mind numbingly boring that no one else will do the job so that the Government of Canada has to pay YOU a premium?  Granted, it could be the jobs themselves that need and overhaul but I think there is more to it.  Simply put, people don’t like awkward situations.  They don’t like stepping out of their comfort zone.  Boring is safe, safe is easy and easy just happens to be what the majority settles for.

So what’s alternative?  Well it’s the super stressful 15.  That’s all, just fifteen minutes a day.  If you set aside fifteen minutes a day to do the worst possible thing on your list for that day I guarantee you will be more productive for the rest of your day and week for that matter.  We being humans hate being out of our comfort zones but for the ballsy, the ones that want a bigger purpose in life, they have figured it out, they can step out more frequently than the rest of society.

Just think back to all the things you passed up because you were too scared, too shy, the bar was raised a little too high.  A different decision at any of these points in life would have made for a much different outcome now wouldn’t it?

Well its not to late, take the leap into the terrible 15 minutes and start enjoying the rest of your day.  The more you are out of your comfort zone the more you will learn, explore, realize different things about life and the beauty of it is every time you do it the easier it gets.  As soon as you figure this out, the closer you will be to achieving those goals you set way back when you decided to take that job because you thought it would be easy.  Refuse to accept easy from now on and do something that scares you.