A Summer Camp For Highschool Entrepreneurs in Regina

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Yup, we did it! The first week of August this past Summer we ran “Big Idea Camp 2015” a one day, Amazing race meets Harvard business competition. We had 6 students who formed two teams and competed in 5 different challenges throughout the day. It was nothing short of amazing.

Here’s the Twitter play by play on the day… Remember to follow @BigIdeaCamp on Twitter!

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Social Media Etiquette 101: how not to suck on Facebook

This is how i feel when you like your own posts

Last week we release episode 22 of the #InTheLab video series.

Social Media Etiquette, or what I call How Not To Suck On Facebook“. Each social media platform has a set of unwritten rules you need to follow. Every time you break the rules you are apt to have followers leave you, online masses upset with you, and you may even piss off one of your loved ones. Don’t make the silly mistake, watch the video and get the tips for yourself.

Do you follow me You should

Stop broadcasting, stop interrupting, stop worrying about what you’re sharing and be a good community member. Amplify the good, help people spread their message. Then when it comes time that you need some help spreading your message your tribe will be there to help.

How not to suck on facebook



Who To Follow? The Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan *Updated*

twitter-follow-meLast year the Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan turned out to be a hit, this is the follow up.  The original people from that list are on here, some with updated notes (insert evil laugh).

PS: if you can’t find your name right away, on a Mac hit Command F, a little search box will appear at the bottom of your browser, now you can search for whoever you wish.  You’re welcome. Read more

7 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Tweet

1.  It gives the impression that you are a forward thinking company

When your employees are Tweeting during the day, we assume you’ve had the ‘Twitter’ talk and now you are confident that the people you hire won’t waste time Tweeting nonsense, but actually, over time, will help improve the perception of your brand. Read more

‘Almost’ is Worthless

YodaAlmost running a marathon is worthless.

Almost traveling the World actually means you haven’t left your couch in months.

Almost going on a diet means nothing, actually, it means you found a better reason not to go on the diet.  Effectively worthless. Read more

Harry Carry Talking Twitter

Harry Carry Talking Twitter is filmed in front of a live studio audience: Read more