Episode #6 – Who’s Derek Wu? – Part 1 of 2

Episode 6 – The Derek Wu Story Part 1 – The Marketing Revolution Podcast

Derek Wu on FacebookThis week on the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Derek Wu.  I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Derek for a while now and have worked with him several times.  Of everyone I know, no one knows more people than Derek Wu.  And not in a sleazy used car salesmen type way. Derek sincerely takes the time to get to know people every day.

I try to understand how he does it.  How he began growing this tribe of people who look up to him, myself included.  It’s a fascinating story about how socializing and partying ends up helping charity’s, and how the guy at the centre of it all, was doing it for the right reasons.

Part 1 of 2, this Podcast includes:

  • How he began networking/reinvented networking
  • The evolution of a party.  It began with Cabarets, moved to Gringo’s, then Derek took over the Distrikt and left his mark as the go to guy for a night out on the town.
  • The Cabarets supporting charities began in a very unusual way.  You’ve heard of companies trying to create goodwill, how about a young teenage kid trying to impress a judge during his next court appearance by doing a good deed.
  • We discuss his 3,898 friends on Facebook.  Yeah that’s correct, three thousand eight hundred and ninety eight. Probably over 3,900 by the time you read this.
  • I find out how he remembers the names of at least 90% of the people he knows.
  • Derek Wu on Twitter

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3 replies
  1. Ryan Dejaegher
    Ryan Dejaegher says:

    Hey Jeph this is the first podcast i’ve listened to, love the idea but it’s a little difficult to hear Derek. You’re clear but he sounds really far away. How are you recording these?

  2. Jeph Maystruck
    Jeph Maystruck says:

    HA! I knew someone would catch it, I didn’t have the mic on for the first part of the interview, I know, dumb move. Next one will be much better…. Thanks for listening!

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