It Worked…

The speed networking session worked.  We brought strangers together, from a lawyer to hand-full of entrepreneurs, learned about them and increased our networks reach all within a span of 3 hours.  Want someone else’s opinion on how it went, ask Ryan.

We considered it a success because everyone offered their contact info and wanted to be a part of the next one we host.  Yes there will be a next time and we’re looking at increasing our numbers.  The thought was possibly for everyone who attended bring one friend that wouldn’t know the group that well and let them share their story.  The ideas that come from a group of strangers talking over beers are fascinating.

So my advice this week is to get out and meet someone new, once you leave that comfort zone and your left armpit begins sweating, that is when you will learn the most.

If you would like more info on what happened or to be a part of the next one, you can contact me here, here or here.

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  1. Ryan Holota
    Ryan Holota says:

    Hi Jeff, It was great to meet you and all the rest of the people that came to the event. For me, probably the best part of the evening was when someone would mention a challenge that they were facing and the rest of the group offered potential solutions.

    To often we surround ourselves with people in the same line of work and with the same opinions as we have. This makes it almost impossible for us to be challenged on our beliefs, which is key to growing our creativity and exploring new ideas.

    I didn’t know anyone at the event when I showed up, but I left with lots of new people in my Blackberry. If you’re reading this post, come out next time and see how many people you can meet. You never know who will unlock the next Big Idea in your mind.

  2. Mike Di Stasi
    Mike Di Stasi says:

    Big thank you to you Jeff and Bear for getting the ball rolling on this.

    It was great to get out and meet new people with such different backgrounds (property developer to wind energy) yet we all had one thing in common- we are all looking to learn something new!

    Can’t wait for the next one- I’m looking to take a guest so message me if you’re interested.

  3. J L Horbach
    J L Horbach says:

    Mr. Maystruck! This seems like a phenomenal idea. You’ve mentioned it before and I’m happy to see the implementation was a success. If I ever get my act together I will have to take part.

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