Jeph speaking

I love speaking.

Simple as that.  For the past three years I’ve been giving presentations with titles such as “The Art & Science of Online Marketing”, “What the Internet Has Changed”, “The Day Social Media Blew Up the World”, “Neuromarketing: The Future of Marketing” and “How Dare You Be Normal“.

5 Reasons Why This Presentation Isn’t Your Regular Presentation:

  1. It’s entertaining so you know your audience won’t be bored (lets face it, most speakers are boring)
  2. It’s based on the marketing consulting work I’ve done over the past 4 years, so there are relevant local examples of companies I’ve worked with as well as case studies on various companies
  3. I usually give prizes away to people throughout presentations, I think it’s funny and audiences love free (money, lottery tickets, books, gift cards, wine (just kidding), etc.)
  4. I have a completely different look at the marketing industry than most people.  I’m in a generation who were on the internet at a relatively young age, so my presentations are very much based on the information revolution we’re going through.
  5. I love marketing, have you ever talked to someone who’s ridiculously passionate about something?  You can almost feel their positive energy.  I want to inspire your audience to look at marketing from a completely different angle.

What’s my day job?  I am a partner in a marketing company called Strategy Lab in Regina, Saskatchewan.  We work with small to medium sized businesses on developing and implementing their marketing strategy.  Many of my clients give me permission to talk about what I’m doing with them and what we’ve learned while working on their communication strategy.  People usually find the specific local case examples the most beneficial, I want to share those with you as well.  Can I speak at your next event?

Below are some of the events I’ve spoken at, a couple videos, and some of the Tweets I received after various presentations.

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Organizations and events I’ve spoke for and future engagements:



June 2015 – Foster Families of Saskatchewan AGM – Saskatoon, SK – Keynote

May 2015 – Personal Branding presentation for MNP Regina – Regina, SK – Presentation

May 2015 – Social media sales training with Sasktel – Saskatoon & Regina, SK – Workshops

May 2015 – West Coast Leadership Retreat for the Canadian Association of Business Schools – Regina, SK – Workshops

May 2015 – Sask Polytechnic administrators conference – Moose Jaw, SK – Afternoon Keynote

January 2015 – Banff Western Connection (National Association of Realtors Conference) – Banff, Alberta – Afternoon Keynote

October 2014 – North Battleford’s Chamber of Commerce – Keynote

September 2014 – Regina Association of Realtors – Presentation

March 2014, Canadian Public Relations of Saskatchewan – Presentation

March 2014, Helpdesk Employees International, (HDI) – Presentation

March 2014, Sask Central, “How the C-Suite use Social Media” – Presentation

February 2014, Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (SYPE) – Luncheon – The Story (Myth) of Success

February 2014, The Melville Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

December 2013, Sharpening Your Competitive Edge Conference in Saskatoon put on by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

November 2013, Financial Executives International (FEI) Regina Chapter – Presentation

November 2013, The TransACTION Youth Conference in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, put on by the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

October 2013, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) client reception in Calgary – Presentation

The following videos are from a presentation I gave at the SGI Canada Insurance Brokers Conference

How has advertising changed?

Why is Google so powerful?

How do you make your presentation memorable? By giving away Directwest footballs and money of course!

How do you choose a dentist?  Ask Twitter…

The “Permission Economy”

Kinds Words About the Presentation

“Great, genuine presenter energetic and very passionate”


“Some helpful useful info, great social media examples”


“Highlighted essential concerns – very engaging and lots of energy”


“Enthusiastic presentation – helpful smart & useful”


“Excellent dynamic speaker”

“Jeff Maystruck of Fraser Strategy delivered a dynamic and well researched presentation to the Strategic Marketing classes, profiling the growing relevance of social media as a promotional tool. For organizations seeking to create a voice amidst the media clutter, Jeff’s presentation on social media warrants a closer look.”

-Dwight R. Heinrichs, Professor of Strategic Marketing, Paul J. Hill School of Business


Tweet from IABC presentation

Tweet from IABC presentation

Tweet from IABC presentation

Tweet from IABC presentation

Tweet from IABC presentation


If you really want your audience to learn something while being entertained, contact me about your next event, I’d love to speak at it.