Which Advertising Agency in Regina is the Most Social?

If you love marketing as much as I do you probably follow the Ad Agencies in town here quite closely.  Even more interesting is how they are adopting the online world of marketing, which lead me to a few questions I needed an answer to. “Which one is the best online?  Who’s the most social?  Who has an effective online strategy?” In this post I attempt to answer these. Read more

We Don’t Have an Awareness Problem, We Have a Marketing Problem

Old school radioA client of mine had a radio sales person stop by the other day, she was polite, left her card and said she’d follow up with an e-mail.  My client has already told her he does not want to use radio.  The following day he receives an e-mail/sales pitch on why radio is the best medium to spread his message to the masses.  Radio?  Really?  REALLY?

This is frustrating for my client because he doesn’t have an awareness problem, he has a marketing problem.  The sales person has never thought to ask “what is the goal of your marketing?”, a simple question that would have helped her immensely at understanding how to make the sale. Read more

How Do I Get More Exposure?

How do I get my brand in front of more people? How do I create more awareness for my product? How can I tell more people about my services?

I’ve been hearing these questions more and more as of late and whenever I get asked I always reply the same way.

You don’t.

Trying to put “your brand” in front of more people is a bad business strategy unless you’re Wal-Mart (the proverbial average products for everyone).  It’s a fact, most people don’t care about your brand and by trying to put your product in front of more people you are just going to piss off more people. Read more

Stats You Didn’t Know About The Marketing Industry

From the Ad Age Annual 2011 report from the Ad Age DataCenter

In January of 2009 Ad Agency revenue experienced it’s sharpest decline since Ad Age starting recording agency revenue in 1944.

In 2010 the Internet overtook Newspapers as the number two ad medium behind television.

US Ad agency’s bottomed out at a 16 year low for employment in January of 2009, in 2010 agency’s added 9,200 jobs.

Read more

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Misses the boat…again?

In March of 2010 this was posted to the Nudge blog, explaining why social norms are a proven method to curb binge drinking among teens.  The post features an advertisement from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health attempting to use guilt and shame to convince teens not to drink.  The other example is from the National Institute of Social Norms campaign at Georgetown University.  From this case study you can read about it’s effectiveness.

The same day of the Nudge blog post, Advertising Age published this article on a study done at Northwestern University.  Using guilt or shame can actually influence the intended audience to take part in more of that behavior, says Kellogg marketing professor Nidhi Agrawal;  “People who are already feeling guilt or shame resort to something called “defensive processing” when confronted with more of either, and tend to disassociate themselves with whatever they are being shown in order to lessen those emotions.”

It didn’t bother me much knowing that the Ministry of Health did that one set of ads, but to my astonishment they are producing more and now short videos too?  The new campaign is titled: “What else got wasted?” Well it appears your marketing budget was.

Just because you “think” it’ll be an effective campaign doesn’t make it true, the proof is in the research and there is plenty out there.

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