A Must Watch: Where To Invade Next

Michael Moore is always stirring some political pot. At times he’s not the most liked in his home soil of the United States, but one fact you can’t deny is Michael Moore, love him or hate him, doesn’t mind controversy in the search of truth. Yes he bias, what producer isn’t? Every movie of his you must watch understanding that there’s a hidden bias or else you’re going to take his movies too seriously (Sicko, Capitalism: A Love Story, Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine).

Enter: Where To Invade Next?

This is my favourite Michael Moore movie yet. It has nothing to do with war (though the title seems to make you think so). He visits various countries in Europe and talks to them about Government, Tax, Education, Health Care, Judicial system, food and much more.

Enlightening is an understatement.

Every place he visits seems to be beautiful, friendly people who work great jobs for great wages and have a very important family life. In some places the kids are never assigned homework because social connection and family time is so important to the education system. Two hour lunches with your family, 36 hour work weeks and lots of vacation time. Hard to argue with that!

One of my favourite parts was when Mr. Moore was talking to teachers in Finland (one of the best regarded countries for education worldwide) he asked “what’s the one thing you would tell me to take back and spread across the USA?”. Almost in unison they all said “get rid of the standardized test!” Hard to argue with some of the best teachers in the world.

The Documentary is on Netflix right now and I think you should watch it.

Do People Write Reviews About Your Business? They Will…

I went on my Kindle the other day to buy the book “Neuromarketing”, I had heard about it in a podcast.  When I searched, I found it, but I also found a similar book.  A similar book with a perfect 5 star rating.

Neuromarketing book search Read more

7 Marketing Predictions For 2012 | Part 2 of 2

The Marketing Revolution Podcast

This is part two in the wonderful year end wrap-up.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s part one: “What We Learned About Social Media in 2011”

1.  It’s the year of mobile! (except for Saskatchewan) I don’t mean we won’t see growth in the use of mobile in Saskatchewan, I mean our province is slow to adapt to new technology, there’s still a phone book in most houses.  Everywhere you turn you see startling statistics on the use of apps on mobile phones.  Until businesses start seeing their bottom line increasing because of a new “app” it’s still a shinny new tool in the toolbox.

At this point apps don’t turn me on, Google does.  Read more

Don’t Forget, We Live in Saskatchewan

Old mobile phone“QR Code adoption up 1,135%”

“Forget a Website, all you need is mobile app”

“People are no longer using computers, just mobile phones”

There are a lot of headlines lately that are probably making you say WTF more often than Snoop Dogg at a Miley Cyrus concert.  Yes, technology is advancing at an alarming rate but don’t forget, we live in Saskatchewan.  Read more

The University of Regina iPhone App

Iusask appI don’t think most companies and organizations in Saskatchewan need an app.  We’re still pretty far behind the technology curve.  So if you think developing an app as your next strategic move, I’d look into it a little deeper.  One organization that does have an app is the U of S, so obviously we need to ask the question; why doesn’t the University of Regina have one?

Before you go developing god knows what kind of app for your company make sure you ask the difficult questions along the way.

Why do we need an app?  What incentive is there to downloading our app?  Will an app make it easier for people to _________(fill in the blank) at the University of Regina?  Is it just our website in a different format?  Who is responsible for updating it?  Is our app worth talking about? Read more

Simplify Your Communications

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, what you’ve accomplished, how many degrees you have, or who you’ve worked with. If you can’t get your idea across to me in a few sentences or less you’ve lost me.
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