8 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Increase your rankings in search engines1.  The most important goal for search engine optimization is to get prominent websites to link to your website.  The more links, the more important your site, and up you climb the Google search results page.

2.  Semantic URL’s – Whatever the page is about, have those keywords in the URL.  Example:  The page on our website that talks about “Podcast” looks like this: Read more

How To: Make a Memorable Presentation

How do you make sure everyone who attends your presentation remembers it?  By throwing $5 bills attached to DirectWest footballs of course.  At an SGI Canada Insurance Brokers conference, I gave a workshop that was much longer than my usual forty-five minute talk.  I didn’t want people to get board and I wanted them to remember what I was talking about, so I incentivized them to pay attention.  By Paying them.  Here’s a video from the presentation: Read more

Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts

How to set up Google alertsI realize this probably should have been one of my first posts ever but hey, no ones perfect right?  Well, except for Tom Sellek.

Google Alerts are a way of monitoring the web for mentions of your company, brand, organization, competitors, boss’s name, competitor’s bosses name, and pretty much any other search term under the sun you can think of.  Whatever you want to monitor, Google will send you an e-mail every time a Google bot (what crawls web pages for Google) finds the word or phrase you set up for an alert.  Read more

12 Twitter Sharing Strategies

Contrary to popular belief, no one cares what you’re doing. Ok that’s a bit harsh but seriously, stop Tweeting about yourself. The secret to Twitter is no secret at all, talk to others, that’s it.

Talk to someone, reply, retweet, engage, ask someone a question, disagree with someone, do something!  Just don’t keep Tweeting about what you are doing and start showing interest in what everyone else is doing. Read more

How To: Get Me to Hate Your Organization

Last Saturday morning I was woken at 9:45 by my doorbell.  No one comes to our house that early, it could be an emergency I thought to myself, so I staggered out of my room.  My room mate, in the same state (squinting eyes, wearing the pants from last night) was a step a head of me and opened the door.  To our dismay we found no one, just a little, old man leaving the yard going to the neighbors house.  We thought nothing of it except for how mad we were at this little, old man that got us with the ol’ ring and run trick.  Back to sleep.

Two and a half hours later I finally woke from my sleep and decided to check the temperature before I left the house.  Standing on the front porch something in the mailbox caught my eye, it was a “Heaven, how do I get there?” pamphlet.  The little, old man didn’t ring and run our house for nothing, he woke us up to ensure we got this pamphlet in time.  I think you understand the title for this post now.

Heaven’s a touchy subject, but I think Church is great, I try to go as much as I can and this has nothing to do with Church in general.  This has to do with the specific Church that lets this little, old man walk around neighborhoods ringing doorbells to try and get their message across.  Let’s think about this for a minute, how many people will answer the door, find that there’s no one there but grab the pamphlet that was left behind and say “You know I have been wondering for a while, how DO I get to Heaven?”  I’d be willing to bet no one.

So why ring the door bell?  The pamphlet isn’t time sensitive, I don’t need to read it immediately do I?  What ever happened to mail delivery etiquette and just leaving it in the box that it was intended for?  If your message is a difficult one to get across you may not want to piss people off before you tell them.

So do you want to know how to make me hate your organization no matter who you are?  Wake me up on a weekend to tell me your message, I guarantee I will hate you.