The Three Types of Measurement

There are three broad categories that encompass most, if not all measurement regarding your marketing strategy.  They are not mutually exclusive, your marketing strategy will end up being measured by a combination of all three.  The three measures are descriptive, diagnostic, and predictiveRead more

How Do You Measure Your Social Media ROI?

The Marketing FunnelStill feeling lost in the whole ROI of your online marketing?  Still believe you can’t measure it?  Actually, measurement is one of the fundamentals of online marketing strategy, once you understand “how to”, you can instantly and continuously improve your efforts.  Read on…

You must understand the ROI equation of your online strategy, or face dire consequences. Read more

Which Advertising Agency in Regina is the Most Social?

If you love marketing as much as I do you probably follow the Ad Agencies in town here quite closely.  Even more interesting is how they are adopting the online world of marketing, which lead me to a few questions I needed an answer to. “Which one is the best online?  Who’s the most social?  Who has an effective online strategy?” In this post I attempt to answer these. Read more

The New Definition of ‘Strategy’

Strategic Planning

“The essential source of value right now is coming less from master strategy than from broad experimentation, because no one has a complete grasp, or even a very good one, about what the next great idea will look like.”  -Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus

Strategy is no longer a document, or a recommendation.  The “all inclusive strategic plan” is irrelevant in the new business world.  What you need to focus on is small bets, ideas and experiments, measured meticulously over a predetermined amount of time.  Find what works and improve upon it. Read more

A Must Read Book For Online Marketers

Web Analytics 2.0 is nothing short of the best book on online measurement to date.  Written by Avinash Kaushik who was the former Google analytics evangelist and all around measurement hercules of some sort.

This book is chalk full of lessons, take-a-ways, cases, actionable steps and includes more insight than Celine Dion at a singing convention.  Literally, within a couple chapters into Web Analytics 2.0 you will change the way you are measuring your online presence. Read more