What Will Inevitably Happen To Your Business…

This will inevitably happen to your business, start preparing now.

Competition increases.  Growth stops, your business begins to flat line.  The CEO sends the marching orders “we need more sales!  Send out more newsletters, lets get on the Radio, lets have a sale this weekend, lets start advertising in the Sunday post AND Metro.”  To the CEO’s surprise, nothing changes.  No one opens his “more frequent” newsletter.  We tune out his quirky but generic radio spot.  And anyone who’s reading Metro, Fine LifeStyles, Business Magazine, The Sunday post, won’t be next week when the newest magazine or newspaper gets our attention. Read more

7 Marketing Predictions For 2012 | Part 2 of 2

The Marketing Revolution Podcast

This is part two in the wonderful year end wrap-up.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s part one: “What We Learned About Social Media in 2011”

1.  It’s the year of mobile! (except for Saskatchewan) I don’t mean we won’t see growth in the use of mobile in Saskatchewan, I mean our province is slow to adapt to new technology, there’s still a phone book in most houses.  Everywhere you turn you see startling statistics on the use of apps on mobile phones.  Until businesses start seeing their bottom line increasing because of a new “app” it’s still a shinny new tool in the toolbox.

At this point apps don’t turn me on, Google does.  Read more

11 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Online Brand

Google Places

  1. Write a review for a book you read on Amazon.
  2. Claim your company’s Google Place Page. Read more

How Do I Get More Exposure?

How do I get my brand in front of more people? How do I create more awareness for my product? How can I tell more people about my services?

I’ve been hearing these questions more and more as of late and whenever I get asked I always reply the same way.

You don’t.

Trying to put “your brand” in front of more people is a bad business strategy unless you’re Wal-Mart (the proverbial average products for everyone).  It’s a fact, most people don’t care about your brand and by trying to put your product in front of more people you are just going to piss off more people. Read more

Stats You Didn’t Know About The Marketing Industry

From the Ad Age Annual 2011 report from the Ad Age DataCenter

In January of 2009 Ad Agency revenue experienced it’s sharpest decline since Ad Age starting recording agency revenue in 1944.

In 2010 the Internet overtook Newspapers as the number two ad medium behind television.

US Ad agency’s bottomed out at a 16 year low for employment in January of 2009, in 2010 agency’s added 9,200 jobs.

Read more

Holding a Contest on Facebook? Beware…

Coming as a surprise to most people (including myself), it is in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service to hold a contest on Facebook.  Now you can still hold a contest or promotion but must be contained within it’s own app, and entries can only be accepted via the canvas page of the app or an application box on a tab on the Facebook page.

Another violation of the Facebook TOS is asking people to post to the page’s Wall, upload photos or change their status update for entrance into a contest.  As well, a promotion can’t require entrants to post a comment to a Wall item, since that would artificially increase the item’s importance and effectively lead to it spamming users’ News Feeds. Read more