Who To Follow? The Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan *Updated*

twitter-follow-meLast year the Top Tweeters on Twitter in Saskatchewan turned out to be a hit, this is the follow up.  The original people from that list are on here, some with updated notes (insert evil laugh).

PS: if you can’t find your name right away, on a Mac hit Command F, a little search box will appear at the bottom of your browser, now you can search for whoever you wish.  You’re welcome. Read more

You Don’t Have To Agree With Me

I think there’s a major fundamental flaw in the way the majority of us think about our opinions.  When we disagree with someone, we assume they are wrong (they very well may be) but to assume other things about that person based on their belief is the problem.

One of the most important lesson children (and most adults) must learn, is that just because you have a differing fundamental opinion or set of beliefs than someone else, doesn’t mean you can’t respect them and get along them just fine. Read more

The Most Important Person in the World

The other day I found myself in a very interesting conversation about strangers.

Her: “I always try to be as nice as possible to strangers”

Me: “Really?  Why?”

Her: “Well, you never know who that person is and what if they’re the most important person in the World?”

Me: “So you assume everyone you meet/talk to is the most important person in the World?”

Her: “Precisely”

Me: I didn’t say anything just had a small explosion go off in my head.

My boss has always told me when going to a small town bar, make sure you treat the waitress like gold because she probably owns the place.  I think this is a great metaphorical life lesson.

The person who I know who is the best at dealing with people does this all the time.  You can see it when he talks to anyone, yes I mean anyone, he gives them the time of day, he truly cares about what they think and he makes them feel like they are the most important person in the world.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, this strategy works wonders for building your personal and professional relationships.

Where can you start?  Remember peoples names more often.  To anyone the most important word in the english language is his/her own name, if someone remembers it, it’s a sign of respect.  Here’s a few tips on how to remember better.

If you have a story about treating a stranger really well that resulted in something amazingly spectacular I’d love to here about it in the comments below!