Stop Blaming Other People

I'm sorryWhen you blame someone else for something, no matter what it is, you’re protecting yourself from being wrong or at fault.

When you say you’re sorry and take ownership of the situation, the common misconception is that it makes you look weak or powerless. When actually, saying you’re sorry humanizes you and makes you more likeable.

It’s easy to blame others, it’s hard to blame ourselves.

Understanding this is imperative to you making it in this world. It’s a scary place out there and you need to have thick skin if you want to make it. You have to own up to your mistakes. Take responsibility for when things go wrong, don’t point out where others messed up, shut up and fix it yourself. If you get the reputation as the person who takes responsibility, who gets things done, and isn’t afraid of being wrong, you’re grooming yourself to be a leader.

When you blame others for something, it gives you nothing to do about it. Once you blame yourself, you now have something to work on. In the book Bounce it talks about how world class athletes sometimes feel lost when they win, because they have nothing they need to work on. The most successful athletes in the world are the ones constantly working to make something better.

Get in the habit of taking the blame, point the finger at yourself and don’t being afraid to fix a situation. People look up to others who get shit done. Especially in the world we live in, we all need to strive to take the blame more often.

It starts by not blaming others.

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4 Things You Should Never do on Facebook

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C’mon I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but inviting a bunch of people from your area to be your friend because it’s going to benefit you at your new job is just lazy.  Once you send them a message about your “new job” that “remove from friends” button just got a lot bigger.


Did you leave caps lock on?  Is it your first time on Facebook?  Yes, you want to get our attention, we can see that, but typing in all caps makes it sound like you’re yelling (go on, try reading a message in all caps with a small voice, it feels weird) Most people upon seeing a message in all caps chuckle to themselves then ignore the message.

3.  Creating a fan page for the sole purpose of creating a fan page

If you don’t have a clear idea or goal in mind about why you are starting a Facebook group or fan page then don’t do it (or do it and don’t invite anyone).  Nothing is more mind-numbingly obvious that you have no clue how to market to people then inviting me to your fan page to give me updates about your company that I do not care about.  Before you create a fan page or group please ask yourself, why?

4.  Excessively bothering people who are a part of your group, fan page, attending your event, etc.

If I join your group you’ve obviously peaked my interest in some way.  Don’t ruin it for yourself by bombarding me with messages.  Plan messages out and have a purpose for even the simplest ones.  The best way to get me to leave your group or fan page is to keep bothering me with messages that do not pertain to me.  Update all you want, you’ll end up in my news feed, that is fine, but sometimes all it takes is one meaningless message that loses the trust I once had in you, leaving your group never to return.

Did I forget any?  Please let me know what YOU think people should never do on Facebook in the comments below.