The Art & Science of Being Online Presentation

The ‘Art & Science of Being Online’ is a presentation about online marketing and why social media is becoming such an effective tool within a marketing strategy.  Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

  • A brief history of media in marketing to understand where the industry has come from
  • The main points of an online strategy and where to focus resources
  • For each point, a few enlightening stories (cases) are offered to understand the why behind some of the best online brands, locally and internationally
  • Cheez Whiz has it and you should to, personality, and why every company should stand for something online
  • What to do now?  Some take-a-ways to talk about in your next marketing meeting

The presentation usually lasts 30-45 minutes and covers a lot of ground so prepare to think and learn, but as much as Jeff tries to be serious in getting his points across he shows the lighter side of online marketing.  Both entertaining and thought provoking, surely ‘The Art & Science of Being Online’ will not disappoint.

To book Jeff to speak either call 306-535-9697 or e-mail  Fees are negotiable and depend on the organization and availability.

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Hi, I'm Jeph. I love helping people make smarter business decisions. I help companies stand out. I consult, speak, facilitate and do project work on new marketing strategies (word-of-mouth, customer service, and social media). My consulting company is Research & Consulting. The marketing industry is changing very rapidly and the only way to stay on top of it is by a philosophy of continuous learning. Do you have an information strategy? Are you learning faster than the world is changing? If not, we should talk. Learn more here: Follow me @JephMaystruck

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  1. Being in online world for few years, social media really contributes huge help in doing online businesses.People around the world access internet almost every hour that’s why it has the most effective way of bringing every business on top.

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