To Wrap, or not to Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming a great alternative to billboards and other awareness type mediums and for good reason. The vehicle is seen in many different places, depending on how much it is driven, and it works because it is different.

This post isn’t to decide if the car wraps themselves are effective but more importantly the car behind the wrap, and what message it’s portraying.

Do you want your brand to be displayed on a luxury car to give your business a “high-end” type feel?  Or do you wrap an entry level vehicle to show the world you are frugal and manage money well? A GM to support the automakers? Or a foreign car that’s going to be reliable for years?  Some vehicles are for functionality, others are to stand out, and some need to be able to hold an entertainment centre in the rear so an SUV is the obvious choice.

My gut says I like the luxury car but there’s something to say about companies that purchase an economy line.
Is there a perfect choice? Probably a Prius to show your company has a small carbon footprint. On that note, what do you think about everyone jumping on the Hummer band wagon a few years back?  What kind of impression of your company are you making?

It’s growing in popularity so it would be nice to come to a conclusion on which is better, luxury or economy, what do you think? (click the links for some examples)

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  1. Sean Stefan
    Sean Stefan says:

    The choice of car probably depends on the image your brand is trying to get across. If your company is green and sells green products or that’s part of your culture, then a Prius probably makes sense. But if you run an oil rig, you’re probably kidding yourself driving a Prius with your logo on it (although that would be remarkable).

    The line of thinking with the luxury vehicle could be taken two ways by potential customers – 1) You’re company is successful and I want to do business with a successful company, or 2) These guys are charging so much that they have to flaunt their money around. Which category you fall into probably depends on the attitude and personality of the person driving the car though.
    .-= Sean Stefan´s last blog ..WJHC Organizing Committee Listens To Customers =-.

  2. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    A Prius at an Oil rig would send a message for sure! And I never thought about the person behind the wheel but it makes sense though, “you are your company brand” we’ve all heard time and time again. Thanks for the comment Sean.

  3. Verheez
    Verheez says:

    I think the car you choose has more chances of hurting your brand than helping it. I’m thinking of two places for sure; Havik and their International Truck, and the Press Box with the Hummer. Neither of those places ”
    needs” a vehicle like that, and in the age of the environment, I think it hurts them more then helps them, for example, and I am but one man, but, I work downtown, visit the mall frequently over lunch, but will never walk into Havik (I’m likely on the upper end of their target market mind you), because I don’t want to be putting gas into their truck.

    As far as the other vehicles go, I don’t like wrapping a luxury car. In my opinion, if you drive the luxury car, that speaks for your success, and is advertising enough.

  4. Tyler Willox
    Tyler Willox says:


    My family owns and operates a Cement Plant in Fort Qu’Appell/Southy/Balcaress/ Yorkton area. We have a 2005 H2 Hummer that I have been thinking about wrapping for the family! Thoughts!?

  5. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    Well for a cement plant that would probably work, a Hummer attracts looks from people so you would get the exposure you want. On the flip side what will people say about the environmental impact of a large Hummer? Is it necessary? And is that the message you want to be giving people about your Cement business?

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