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In University I took Business, when I began six years ago there were mandatory courses and there are still mandatory courses.  My problem isn’t with having classes mandatory but the fact that the courses I had to take six years ago are still the same courses new students have to take today.  Recently I discovered that the Business faculty does a curriculum review every five years, in a World where information changes daily you’d think the institution that is responsible for our “brilliant” business minds would adapt.  They don’t.

Instead of complaining about how I think the University should be ran, lets start small and brain storm the first five classes any student should have to take.  As of now, in your first year of almost any degree you must take psychology, a math, english, a social science and computer science (give or take a class or two this is what first years are forced to take).  What if those were changed to a different five?  A better, more relevant five?

We go to University to get jobs in the real World, shouldn’t the real World have a say in what we learn?  How about we vote on it, alumni that are prominent leaders in the real world should have a good idea what you need to learn.  How about all the alumni from the past ten years vote, what would they pick?

Obviously this would never happen but what if the University gave up control of just five classes and let a vote take place?  I think it would make the students happy and the future employers as well.  But wait!  The administration and professors are now unhappy.  At the end of the day who is University trying to please?  The administration or the students?

Here’s my list of Classes:

Critical thinking – put into situations where students must find a solution.

Teamwork – “People” skills are valued very highly among employers but we never really focus on it.

Attitude – The most important attribute of any potential employee.

Technology – From the internet to the iphone everything they need to know about the tech world.

Giving back – At the end of most motivational books about how to get the most out of life it almost always comes back to giving back and helping the less fortunate.  If this will end up being one of the most important aspects of our lives why aren’t our “prestigious” Universities teaching more about it?

What do you think?  I know this isn’t the perfect solution but our University system is flawed and I’d like to see a change.

Please leave you comments below.

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  1. Sean Stefan
    Sean Stefan says:

    I’m thinking a true class on Entrepreneurship should be offered. Not just about running a small business, but how to be entrepreneurial employees too.

    Having said that, university is just the base anyway. There should be a semester of reading business books required before they hand over the degree.
    .-= Sean Stefan´s last blog ..Lots of Small Customers or a Few Big Ones? =-.

  2. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    Ethics and reputation would be a great one to teach students, could you imagine how interesting of a case study you could get students to do? Pick a local company, approach them to do their online strategy, develop it, present to them, then implement it for the company? That’s what I call a marketing class. Real world experience is something all university students need.

  3. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    I think more university proofs should be assigning actual books on topics, not textbooks. As I’m sure you have found regular business books have much better resources and teach the end consumer much more effectively than textbooks.

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