What Inspires You?

What gets you up in the morning?  What makes you go to a job day after day hating it, is it a means to an end?  What is that end?  What do you do on the REALLY bad days?  You know, the ones where you feel like quitting, like the world is against you, like you just want to get out.

Something must inspire you to keep going.

For me its coaching. I love volleyball and I love teaching kids about the game.  Last year my Senior Boys team from Winston Knoll won the city championship, the gold medal that was presented to me that day hangs around my rearview mirror in my car as a constant reminder when things get tough.

I’ve had some pretty bad days, days where I’m not sure what to do, days when I look into my future and for some reason it is a dark and negative picture (though nothing compared to Gabrielle).  That all goes away when I get in my car and see that medal.  It’s a constant reminder that I’m here in this world for a different reason than just having a job and getting by.  It tells me that there is more to life than money, work and what society calls success.

My success is the smiling faces on those kids every season.

What inspires you?

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  1. Troy Heibein
    Troy Heibein says:

    I am inspired by two things:

    1) What behavioural economics would call “self-interest”. I am motivated in many things I do because success in those realms directly benefits me and improves the quality of life for myself/my family unit.

    2) Identification – I am a Westerner, a Canadian, a lacrosse fan, a member of the family Heibein, an alumni of a couple universities, a young professional, etc. As one who identifies with these groups, I am empathetic towards each and every individual who is also part of them in some way. I am driven to be my best so that I may contribute to those groups and help all members of my various “tribes” succeed.

    A combination of self-interest and wanting to help those similar to me is what drives and motivates me. The key is to utilize both types of motivation to assure that at any given time I am meeting and exceeding my potential.

  2. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    Wow Troy, good for you! Sounds like you know exactly where you’re going, I like that. I think our generation loves the “being a part of a tribe” part. We all associate with certain people/groups of influence with common goals in mind. We love to be a part of something, that must be the very reason coaching sticks out in my mind, it’s my tribe.
    Thanks for sharing, your comments is making me think about my own identification and what it means in my life.

  3. Kim jay
    Kim jay says:

    I think there are two questions here. How to you tough it out when things get bad, and what pushes you to become something better?
    When it comes to work, I am at a job that I love, but ultimatley not a job I will be at forever. The hard days, the days when it’s easy to question ‘why am I here?’ are normally the days in hindsight that I learn the most from. When I feel stuck in a job, and feel like I’m not learning, it’s time to say see ya! and find something more challenging.
    And when Im not sure if I’m on the right track…..that’s when I turn to my friends. My friends know me better than myself sometimes, know what to say to get me to see the other side, give me perspective, and keep me motivated. Friendships keep me sane and push me to strive for my goals……that’s wicked!

  4. Jeph
    Jeph says:

    Great point Kim, I never really gave credit to my friends who’ve pushed me this entire time. Maybe it’s time to start thanking the people who have been there for me through the good and more importantly the bad times.
    Thanks a lot, I admire your opinion.

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