Where Do You Volunteer?

At Folkfest in Regina this past weekend I saw two girls a friend had recently hired to work for his company.  They were volunteering.

That struck me a mildly awesome.  There’s a 85%* chance that those girls are younger than you and they took it upon themselves to volunteer at Folkfest.

I told my friend about it and we agreed that that is a very positive attribute to possess, a willingness to volunteer.  It shows you care, that you’re not selfish (or a shellfish), that you believe in giving back, that you support local events/causes/entities that need your help.

How do you give back?


* – based on an estimated guess of the average age of my readers, 85% of them would be older than the girls mentioned above.

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  1. David Carnegie
    David Carnegie says:

    Positive attribute and looks great for that business in your eyes too, I imagine.
    I grew up in a small town, if people don’t volunteer the town doesn’t exist. So it’s just something you grow up doing and don’t really question. “Need some help? How can I help.” That mentality is the best.

  2. Joel Sopp
    Joel Sopp says:

    Some say I volunteer too much. Without volunteers, our world would gring to a snail’s pace.

    I see a need, and I fill it. Does it get any simplier than that?

  3. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Volunteering at Regina folk fest is so awesome that I would almost feel weird listing it as volunteer experience in a job application. The people who organize folk fest are amazing to work with and the music is great every year.

  4. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Nice post which struck me a mildly awesome. that is a very positive attribute to possess, a willingness to volunteer. It shows you care, that you’re not selfish. Thanks a lot for posting this article.

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